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Pauline and Geegee

Hi, my name is Pauline
I'm an intuitive, caring, down to earth massage therapist with a passion for creating phenomenal balance and recovery within the body, mind and spirit.... Look no further if you have been searching for a specialized massage that will help to energize you and heal your body.

I am dedicated to providing the most exceptional intuitive bodywork experiences for men, women and couples in New Zealand.

Reach out to me and let me help you feel better soon.

Couples and individuals of all genders are invited to receive my carefully curated nurturing treatments.

The massage studio, affectionately known as the ‘Kinky Art Studio’ is nestled within our beautiful 2 acre rural garden, facing the “mountain of love” in Te Aroha, New Zealand. Peace and relaxation find you within the walls of our quaint little cabin.  So,why not spoil yourself and come away for a day of pampering or book a romantic escape with your beloved for the weekend. Or, visit by yourself and enjoy the decadence of being taken care of, while I pamper you for a few hours.  Retreats are also available and created just for you and your needs.

The range of bodywork modalities that I intuitively blend are intended to fully support the whole person on their wellness journey. 

Almost all of the Full Body Massages contain Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage, but then depending on the unique nature of the client, the session may get customized according to the needs of their body, mind and spirit.

My philosophy in optimum wellbeing has a strong foundation in  nourishing and nurturing the whole body, mind and spirit.  I bring this through by inspiring and encouraging my clients to integrate healthful habits into their daily lives following their sessions. 

Some of which may include mindfulness rituals, nutrition, conscious sexuality, spirituality and aromatherapy, neither of these are ‘pushed’ onto the client, but merely gently offered.

Whether your body is needing to relax, recover, unwind, release pain, stress, trauma or grief, prepare for an important life event or just be held.  I have many gentle but powerful methods and modalities to help bring about balance.


My core teachings cover a wide range of healing modalities that flows intuitively and organically between therapeutic, holistic and spiritual practices.  My passion lies in guiding and supporting all men and women bodies back to their authentic ‘essential selves’ through mindful healing touch


Book your Nurturing Massage now, your body will thank you later💕

Talk to me if you wish to have a customized session created just for you...

I encourage everyone to have a good read of what I have to offer to determine whether we would be a good fit. Then visit my Frequently Asked Questions page, browse my testimonials as well as my Etiquette Page.  Then head into the portal and process an online booking for the session that resonates the most.


Clients may book a single session, or a series of customized sessions to suit their unique needs.  It is not uncommon to receive special requests to tweak a session. As you gain confidence within yourself, you will learn to take action on what your unique body is actually asking for…

Since 2012 I have helped support my clients with their many ailments such as Anxiety, Stress, Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Diverticulitus, Crohns Disease, Sinusitus, Headaches, Depression, Various Sexual Dysfunctions, Sexual Identity Confusion, Relationship Issues, Pain Management, Hormone Issues, Oedema, Trauma release to name a few.

I believe that what I offer, holds value for the person that wishes to expand their self awareness, improve their confidence and knowledge by tuning in to their bodies needs and also increase their capacity for giving and receiving mindful touch.

We spend so much time trying to achieve outwardly that we disconnect from who we really are.  It is usually a health crisis that jolts us into awareness, a feeling of anxiousness, breathlessness or general aches and pains that allude to our mortality…
Our bodies are our barometer, and have a great way for kicking us up the bumb sometimes, when we choose to ignore its messages.
This is why I do what I do, I feel that it is one of my purposes in life to show others how they can feel better.  And it starts by first connecting with your body and listening to its own desires first.


Men's Mastery 3 Day Residential Retreat

Women Don't Come With A Manual...The Secrets You Need To Know

My 3 Day Men's Mastery Retreat, gathers together all my years of experience of working intimately with women. During your retreat I share key secrets & techniques that will help you to unlock the doors to epic high sex and intimacy.


My belief system on transparency, communication, giving touch, breathwork and self expression...

Firstly, I would like to explain my personal belief system on treating the whole person.  I don’t believe it is healthy to compartmentalize our bodies when doing bodywork. Or, when trying to find a holistic remedy to solve an issue.  I believe it encourages shaming of the body, and has no positive benefit to the emotional and physical well-being of the person being treated. In fact it does more harm than good, and leaves one with a feeling of incompleteness, not a great way to end a day.

This is also one of the reasons that I flow between therapeutic and tantric bodywork so organically. What I am trying to teach is that if we are wanting to be truly healthy, happy, connected individuals we need to embrace our whole being, and that does include honouring our sexual identity and our sexual life force.  The ancients never separated these energies from the body and neither do I intend to support this judgmental small minded, fearful way of being. I have seen first hand the damage that this can create in a person’s life.

So rest assured that the belly, inner thighs, buttocks and breasts will always be included in therapeutic sessions, unless I am asked not to. (note some sessions do not cover the whole body, i.e face massage or foot only massage etc.)

I understand that not everyone appreciates my honesty and transparency.  It is clearly evident when ‘locals’ cancel appointments once they discover that I do “other” massage.  But for the ones that appreciate integrity, confidentiality, honesty and transparency.  These are the people that I shine my light for.  These are the people that I welcome to my studio.  These are the people that come back time and time again. Just read some of the testimonials here…

So with this in mind, you will never experience a “board short” massage at Nurturing Massage, I try to massage as much skin as the session you booked allows, so you should never feel incomplete or lacking if you have booked the session that you truly want. 


Self expression is always encouraged... but don't worry it will come so naturally to you when I show you how...

During some of the deeper integrative  sessions, participants may be encouraged to express themselves through movement, sounding or toning.  Some trauma, deeply ingrained issues or pain can be energetically released this way. The difference will be felt immediately when you trust your body to allow the release. 

Breathwork is another very important element that is highly encouraged. I believe that everything in our earthly world begins and ends with the breath, and yet so little attention is given to the healing power of breath.  


Did you know that just by breathing deeper belly breaths you can drop your anxiety and stress levels, reduce inflammation and pain in the body and even move your lymphatic fluid around more effectively? 

"Can you remember who you were before the world told you, who you should be?"



A love letter from across the ditch...

Retreat Testimonial Everything was nourishing and abundant. The property, the people, the land. My friends and I had a truly welcome experience. Arriving feeling stressed and in need of something!! We left feeling relaxed, wiser, motivated and lighter in mind and spirit. Sharing the retreat space with my bestie's has given us a fantastic landmark in our lives to revisit. Pauline, there are very few practitioners that I have met who are capable of really tapping into my needs, wants, desires. With your diverse array of skills and deep wisdom, I felt safe, seen and heard. The treatment I received was unique to me and I am grateful for the shift you helped me achieve. Wish I lived closer!!!
Aditja-Bella Moon - Australia

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See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.