Aromatherapy Massage

 A combination of plant spirit medicine and intuitive holistic bodywork to nurture, support, balance and uplift you in body, mind and spirit. 

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Aromatherapy Massage

I couldn't imagine a world without massage, let alone one without an aromatherapy massage...

Aromatherapy is one tool I could never be without in my toolbox.  No way, not ever… 

The application of essential oils through aromatherapy massage is a method that is enhanced by the physiological benefits of massage itself. Its ability to promote the flow of blood and lymph and to improve nervous conductivity, give it the capacity both to soothe tension and increase vital energy. 

Safe and supportive, aromatherapy massage also possesses the power to convey a sense of emotional wellbeing. 

When carried out by a well trained practitioner, it can transform and renew.

Aromatherapy massage works on the autonomic nervous system. The involuntary system that effects the efficiency of our organs and the endocrine system. It is a form of massage that relaxes, relieves aches and pains, stimulates blood circulation and assists lymphatic flow. When blood circulation becomes sluggish, the lymph flow slows and waste materials are not properly eliminated.

Stress is acknowledged as a major factor in many modern lifestyle disabilities and illnesses. 

Stress can cause amongst others a slow-down or shut down of the digestive system, lowered immune function, rising blood pressure, thickening of the blood, reduced insulin activity and increased cholesterol.

Aromatherapy encourages a reversal of this cycle. By applying or inhaling appropriate essential oils, this influences the limbic system to bring about a state of relaxation and well-being. 



“To reach the individual we need an individual remedy. Each of us is a unique message. It is only the unique remedy that will suffice. We must therefore, seek odoriferous substances which present affinities with the human being we intend to treat, those which will compensate for his deficiencies and those which will make his faculties blossom.”

Marguerite Maury - The Secret of Life and Youth

Advice from a Rose

Make new buds
Beauty Stems from Within
Wait for your time to Bloom
Live in Full Colour

Cultivate Happiness!

The Session...

Aromatherapy Massage uses the powerful synergy of Plant essences to holistically support the individual...

  • We will have a pre session check in chat (allow an 15-30 minutes)
  •  Available to men and women bodies
  • Choose from session duration:  60 /90/120 minutes or an Aromatherapy Wrap* 
  • An Aromatherapy Massage is a therapeutic bodywork session that includes the entire body including belly, buttocks and breasts (optional) but excludes genital touch
  • Experience an intuitive combination of Ayurveda marmani release, unwinding of the Belly and reflexology within this beautiful grounding massage
  • A customized Inspired Intentions – aromatherapy blend to balance body, mind, spirit
  • Relax deeper into your treatment with the gentle warmth of Hot Stones while the aromatherapy oils penetrate the body and go exactly where they need to
  • *Aromatherapy Wrap – A customized aromatherapy treatment to detox, support and build your immune system, your body will be cocooned within a warm aromatherapy wrap infused with essential oils that I have created for you, To complete your treatment your body will be massaged from head to toe to release any lymphatic fluids. Includes the use of Hot Stones
Choose your Aromatherapy Session

60 Minute Massage

$ 120
  • Aroma Massage
  • + Hot Stones

90 Minute Massage

$ 160
  • Aroma Massage
  • + foot massage
  • +Hot Stones

120 Minute Massage

$ 200
  • Aroma Massage
  • + Aroma Facial
  • + foot massage
  • + Hot Stones

aromatherapy Detox Wrap

$ 350
  • Aroma Massage
  • Aroma Wrap
  • + Aroma Facial
  • + foot massage
  • + Hot Stones

Aromatherapy Massage - is for you if you need...

to release migraines /build your immune system

Just having a massage is relaxing, but when essential oils get added to your treatment. The results are amplified. Using a combination of oils to calm the mind, improve the blood flow and destress the body will ensure that your entire being becomes more balanced allowing for your immune system to rebuild itself gently but powerfully,

release tension in any part of your body

Aromatherapy oils go exactly where they are needed, and when combined with breathwork and reflexology and hot stones, the aromatherapy massage will fully support you in releasing tension

to relax and have a bloody good massage

This is one of the most popular sessions to receive when you are on a budget, but don't want to skimp on quality of touch or the quality of the oils. With Aromatherapy Massage you know you are getting loved up inside and out.

need touch, feeling down

We all thrive on receiving touch, and when we don't get enough quality touch we can become depressed. I have always used Aromatherapy in my personal life to feel uplifted, and this beautiful massage is one of the first sessions I ever created. The powerful but gentle way the oils work in the body truly uplift the spirits

to improve communication

Communication is a super important key ingredient in having truly loving, honest and authentic relationships. Yet we are so afraid to speak our truth to the ones that we love. The balancing power of the oils, help the spirit to realign. Chakras are cleared of the debris and emotional states can be calmed, allowing for release of blockages. Sometimes this means that information, issues or traumas that have been suppressed, 'have the lid blown off' and this allows the communication to happen once more. Therefore, the energy shifts that happen during an Aromatherapy Massage encourage you to find your voice again.

to prepare for a sports event or a life event

Let me create a remedy specifically to support you on your journey, whether it is a sports event, an important occasion or even to study for an exam. Aromatherapy helps bring about mental clarity and focus. It works on many levels, and the energetics of the oils travel exactly where they are needed. For example they will calm emotions if needed or uplift the spirit. Decongest and detoxify, increase circulation by warming the body. The will kill bacteria, viruses and help people get well again

to learn how to manage stress effectively

Aromatherapy Massage is deeply nurturing, drawing on the holistic modalities of breathwork, unwinding of the belly, hot stones and plant spirit medicine (aromatherapy). Will ensure that you can work from a place of empowerment and invincible immunity

recovering from an injury or an illness

As you are aware by now, Aromatherapy Massage, supports total health and wellbeing.

What's involved in a an Aromatherapy Massage?


Upon arriving to your appointment, you will be invited to sit with me while we have a pre-session chat to discuss any body pains you may be experiencing, any medication you are using or any allergies you may have.   After our chat you will then be invited to hang up your clothes and wrap yourself in one of my warm fluffy robes in the adjoining bathroom. Then make yourself comfortable on the massage table, while I prepare your aromatherapy blend.

Your blend will be intuitively created from the information you have shared with me, so please be prepared to share any information that you think may be beneficial to me, so that I can create the best remedy for you.

The oils that are chosen will support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This carefully chosen blend will then be added to heated Macadamia or Rice bran oil. 


Once you are settled on the comfortable massage bed, the warmed oil is then lovingly massaged into your muscles, and all over your body, special attention will be paid to areas that are holding tension. The Aromatherapy Massage is a therapeutic massage, and to avoid compartmentalizing the body we do include mindful touch to the the belly, buttocks, inner thighs and breasts which are optional. At all times you will be draped.


During this session as with all my sessions, you will be guided step by step to breathe and release any energetic stresses in your body. The Aromatherapy Massage, includes breathwork and Unwinding of the Belly to allow the body to start detoxing and release tension and stagnancy in the bowel. 

The Aromatherapy Massage includes reflexology to feet, face and hands, as well as manipulation of marma points  in key areas to release further blockages. 

Both men and women benefit from receiving this beautiful session. 

Include regular Aromatherapy Massage as part of your integrated HealthCare Plan for a thriving immune system.

What You Can Expect Every Time...

Duty of Care

It is my intention to keep you safe during your session, my safety and hygiene protocols are of the highest standard


Everything that you share with me is sacred and is held in the strictist confidence


Learn new ways to connect through breathwork, sound, movement and mindful touch

custom created

Each session is custom created to your specific needs


Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal with respect and non judgement


Your body will feel more balanced and grounded. Experience deep peace and relaxation in our private studio

A Review

Pauline... There are very few practitioners that I have met who are capable of really tapping into my needs, wants, desires. With Pauline's diverse array of skills and deep wisdom, I felt safe, seen and heard. The treatment I received was unique to me and I am grateful for the shift she helped me achieve. Wish she lived closer!!!
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Aditja-Bella Moon - Australia
Aromatherapy Massage/Stress Massage
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It is quite normal to feel vulnerable when receiving any kind of massage therapy. As a practitioner, I am acutely aware of the need to make my clients feel comfortable. I pride myself on having an easy going, non-judgmental manner that hopefully, puts people at ease quite quickly.  I am sure you will love the experience of freedom that bodywork brings about.

This will depend on the session chosen. Therapeutic and Sacred sessions are full clothed.  Certain full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or the  longer tantric sessions that require two way touch or skin on skin contact for deeper intimacy may require a naturist approach. However the options will be discussed with you before the session begins.

Full Service (sexual intercourse) is not a service that is included in our practice.  However we do believe that you may have a most enjoyable, liberating and fun time receiving the session that is created for you.

Mindful touch and total presence is encouraged during any full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or tantric session. However each person involved in the session (both client/s and therapist/s) will be encouraged to speak consciously about their personal needs/boundaries/fears/desires prior to the session commencing.

Hugs are great.  However, we understand that some people may have boundaries around touch.  So permission is always asked rather than assuming that a person would enjoy a hug.

Yoni is a sanskrit word for Vulva/Vagina/Pussy – according to tantric philosophy the Yoni is the source of all that exists and represent Shakti and Devi, the creative force that moves throughout the entire universe.

Lingam is a sanskrit word for Penis – loosely translated as the Wand of Light that channels creative energy and pleasure.

Full Body Massage also known as Loving Touch or Sacred Sensual Massage.  This is a sensual awakening session, in which the client is nude, and the entire body is massaged, including in men the penis and prostate and in women, the yoni and breasts. It is a complete massage with every body part included unless specifically requested otherwise.

A Stress Management Massage is a therapeutic bodywork experience that includes the whole body minus the genitals.  It does however include breasts and buttocks, as well as reflexology to face, feet and hands and unwinding of the belly.

The Mini-Surrender session is a shorter, entry level sensation building session that allows the client to dip their toes into BDSM whereas the Absolute Surrender Session is a deeper dive that includes role play and significant fetish and fantasy implementation.

No, Kissing is fluid exchange, and a high risk behaviour that could  spread STD’s. Therefore it is not encouraged. Unless of course you are attending a Couples Intimacy Session, then kissing is encouraged between people that share a fluid bond. 

If you are feeling like it is time to start feeling great again and reconnect with yourself, boost your self confidence as well as your immune system, de-stress and receive some beautiful loving bodywork, I encourage you to call me to book some time to nurture yourself, so that you too may start enjoying your life with bliss, love & anticipation. 


My Passion

Is to listen, support, guide, nurture and inspire men, women and couples to experience juicy optimal wellbeing through consciously created bodywork sessions, intimacy retreats and talk therapy
The Process To Get Started...

1. Get In Touch

Let's have a chat so we can discuss your needs and create a plan

2. Choose a Date

Let's synchronize our calendars, day/evening/weekend

3. Payment in Advance

Secure your booking with a deposit via Direct Debit, PayPal or Stripe

4. Turn Up & Enjoy

The excitement will be building...I look forward to meeting you soon

Connect with me

Address: 327 Ngutumanga Road
RD3 Te Aroha - New Zealand

Mobile: +6421 025 12226
landline: 07 884-7014



See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.

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