Depression Emotional Disorder or State of Being?

Depression is characterized by extreme sadness, a sense of hopelessness and despair. It is caused by a variety of lack factors including lack of sleep, lack of nutrients, lack of light, and lack of love. Adrenal exhaustion, cold and damp conditions in the body and hormonal and chemical imbalances can also attribute to depression. Sometimes depression is simply caused by a series of very sad, life-challenging or threatening events. Depression is the symptom, not the cause, and is an indicator that things are awry.


Questions from my Inbox

As a therapist that covers intimacy and sexuality as the core of my practice, I often get asked some really deep questions. There are times when my inbox is so full of similar questions that it confirms to me that there is more commonality in the subject of Sex & Relationships than one would expect. My intention therefore in sharing these with you, is to enlighten and inform. If you are experiencing an issue, chances are that there is someone else experiencing it too.

Whats the big deal about Kundalini Awakening?

Have you ever wondered what awakening the Kundalini is? what exactly is ‘the Ecstatic Response‘  & ‘Streaming‘, that Tantrikas talk about, and why the big deal? I will try to explain so it is easy for you.  Usually when someone comes into my practice feeling depressed, lethargic or in pain.  I can guarantee you that …

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