Couples Sex Retreat

You are warmly invited to journey with us and explore the many paths of erotic intelligence…
On occasion we open up our home to other curious and like minded beings that wish to deepen their understanding and connection through shared bodywork sessions, great food, good tunes, happy vibes and open hearted conversations on sex, love, life, naturism, eroticism, kink and tantra.

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Welcome to our Couples Sex Retreat in Te Aroha, New Zealand

You are warmly invited as a duet or threesome, to take the opportunity to journey with us… 

Is our Sex Magic Retreat Right For You as a Couple?

Couples sex retreat

Looking for a juicy escape with a difference? Couples in New Zealand are healing their relationships with our hands on techniques and friendly guidance.

Our overnight stays are safe, conscious, fun, kinky, connecting, liberating and intimate.  The intention is to help you create a deeper, intimate love connection with your partner and yourself in a open hearted environment. Here, you are free to talk about whatever you wish, nothing will be judged, explore naturism if that is your wish, and just be yourself.  Normal safety protocols will always apply with bodywork sessions.  

*Please note that the Couples Sex Retreat, is not intended as a “Swinger’s Event”, it is for connecting with like minded souls who have a common interest in developing their “Erotic Intelligence”.  Swingers are however, most welcome to book in to explore a deeper way of connecting.

Our Couples Sex Retreat is not for more than 3 people at a time, so that we can give focused attention.  If you wish to connect with a bigger group, please register your interest.

If you have any questions regarding whether the Sex Retreat/Sex Magic is right for you, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.
We have found that these overnight stays allows for greater expansion of belief systems and they are a really safe and fun way to explore and get to know yourself better.


Our desire is to help individuals and couples of all genders experience loving touch and a deeper intimate connection with themselves and each other, whilst having a lot of fun and creating new memorable experiences along the way.

Pauline Cannon - Tantric Guide/Sacred Intimate - Nurturing Massage

The Couples Sex Retreat...

Journey with us & explore the many pathways of erotic intelligence... Experience great food, good tunes, happy vibes and open hearted conversations about sex, love, life, naturism, eroticism, kink and tantra.

  • Couples of all genders are most welcome.
  • Also known as the Sacred Intimacy Overnight Stay and Play and Sex Magic.
  • Available as a single evening stay.
  • The sex retreat is for couples that are confident about their needs and desires, and do not have any issues or traumas that need extra hand holding.  Should you feel that you need a more sensitive and therapeutic approach, it would be recommended to book the Couples Intimacy Retreat or the Tantric Couples Retreat.
  • It is important to me that we get to know a little about you both.  
  • Before booking your stay, I would like to connect with you and find out about your individual needs as well as your needs as a couple. (Please phone me to make a time to discuss) Please understand that all information shared with me is confidential.
  • For our rituals and time together to flow peacefully, it is important that you both wish to participate. Surprising your beloved with a Couples Sex Retreat may be your desire, but if it is not his/hers too, you may be destroying, rather than creating something beautiful – So it is very important to be able to communicate openly with your partner.

The Couples Sex Retreat - is for you if you need...

Mr & Mrs X, experience of the Couples Intimacy Retreat...

This morning I rang for a catch up with Pauline, I know that phone conversation never goes as it would with any other person.  When Pauline asks, “how’s life”, what she is really meaning is, “have you had good orgasms lately to release the endorphins that you need for healing”.

This might be a funny way to start a conversation, but once you get to know Pauline and Murray, it’s not that funny at all and you really do find yourself opening up about how you are feeling and also getting a small lecture, a friendly one, but a lecture none the less!  “HAVE MORE TOUCH, USE YOUR VIBRATOR, RELEASE THE ENDORPHINS WITH AN ORGASM”

Tell me, who else in the world would tell you that you need to orgasm more…… and also tell you if you can’t orgasm with your husband, then do it alone while he is at work and the kids are at school?

Body Issues…

Now, I have some pretty serious body issues, physically and mentally.  I am a size 20 and dread looking in the mirror.  I have not been abused in any way at any time in my life, so I do wonder why I have the issues regarding sex, touch and intimacy.  Maybe I was brought up too proper??  And it was never spoken about or was told to cover up?  I don’t know….

What I do know, and Pauline will bring this up in me whenever we talk, is that I need to be touched more often, I need to be played with and it needs to be fun! 

A while ago, we had a session with Pauline, and also Murray this time.  It was a little strange for us as a couple as we have never done anything like this before.  First was my husband’s turn.  Although he very much enjoyed being blindfolded and touched he couldn’t reach the climax, but Pauline told him that is fine, and he enjoyed the mystery of the situation in the safe haven of Pauline’s rooms in Te Aroha.  The room was all set up beautifully.  Candles, comfort and the scene set for touch and healing. 

For me, putting the head phones on with lovely music and the blind fold was so exciting!  And I can honestly say having a six handed massage was a first for me!  But WOW!  It was incredible!  Pauline taught my husband (Mr X) how to touch me and how to pleasure me. 

A range of emotions then came of course, as I had hardly laid bare for my husband like that and now I was not only laying bare for him, but also Murray and Pauline!  It was exciting, frightening, exhilarating and terrifying, but most of all it was just pure amazing pleasure! 

Having my breasts massaged by four hands while someone else was massaging my inner thighs was just sensory overload, but in the best way possible! 

Murray and Pauline, you keep doing what you are doing.  The way you are helping couples and individuals is invaluable.  Conventional therapies don’t work for everyone, and yes what you do is not conventional.  But who can say they went to their therapist and came out with full body jelly and an incredible climax and release.  I have now done both counselling and Pauline’s therapy, and I can tell you which I would prefer going forward!  And it will be the one that gives me emotional and physical pleasure at the same time!

Love your work beautiful people, see you soon xxxoooxxx

Mrs X (Coromandel)

Choose your Couples Sex Retreat

1 Night

$ 1000
  • prices subject to change, ring for a quote

1 Nights

$ 1500
  • prices subject to change, ring for a quote

1 nights

  • prices subject to change, ring for a a quote

What's involved in a Couples Sex Retreat?


Thank you for your interest in our Couples Sex Retreat.  Below you will see a general outline on the flow of events during your overnight stay and play.

We have had a lot of really great feedback from Couples that have visited us from all over the world.  Generally Couples will arrive in the late afternoon, have an early dinner and spa with us, where we get to know each other, and confirm boundaries and retreats activities etc, this will be an opportunity to discuss openly any other issues that are of importance, before diving into experiential play and massage.

The Sex Retreat is for couples that are comfortable in their own bodies with both nudity and sharing touch.  The experience is about sharing time together in open conversation and all things erotic, sensual and spiritual. This is not an evening for people that are shy or have phobias.  This is a chance for us to really embrace some conscious and consensual adult fun with other like minded couples. 

Safety, Hygiene & Behaviour…

Please understand that this is not a full service experience. Safety and hygiene protocols are always our highest priority, so please don’t misunderstand that this is a space for unsafe play or zero boundaries. We reserve the right to cancel play should we feel that conscious communication is being ignored. With this in mind, while we shall share food and beverage together.  We will not tolerate drunken, mindless behaviour.

For more information, please get in touch with us.

The Agenda…

Arrival Meet and Greet

Dinner & Spa


Sex Magic
The Sex Magic offering is a melting pot of desires, that we communicate with each other prior to commencing.  From mild through to hot and spicy, the flavours in between can go so many ways.  Talk to us about your next adventurous journey.
All genders are welcome, we love sharing our passion with all likeminded people

Accommodation:  The Kinky Art Studio/The Main house

Food: includes all meals (dinner, breakfast, snacks, drinks) 

Delicious Homegrown Healthful Food from our Gardens.We are happy to cater to Vegan and Vegetarian. Let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Next Day Departure; Late afternoon

couples-sex-retreat (1)

Benefits of experiencing our Couples Sex Retreat

What You Can Expect Every Time...

Duty of Care

It is my intention to keep you safe during your session, my safety and hygiene protocols are of the highest standard


Everything that you share with me is sacred and is held in the strictist confidence


Learn new ways to connect through breathwork, sound, movement and mindful touch

custom created

Each session is custom created to your specific needs


Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal with respect and non judgement


Your body will feel more balanced and grounded. Experience deep peace and relaxation in our private studio

A Review

Hi there Pauline and Murray We remain very appreciative of the time and good energy you shared with us when we came to stay with you. We’ve talked about it often and you’ve influenced us for good. Thanks to you we got to experience the KNP and see that there’s nothing scary about nice social naturism. We also have you both to thank for sharing your great attitude to getting naked with us in the spa and chatting. As well as the way you went about encouraging us to try same room play in front of another couple. We know all of these things seem so tame to more experienced folk but they were positive experiences for us when we stayed with you both. We’ve now got a large cedar hot tub where we can host others for nights under the stars soaking in the hot water. Finally, we’ve been inspired by your cabin/couples retreat building and are now designing one ourselves. We think it will be a beautiful space for intimacy. So thank you ☺️ Here’s to a great 2020 for you both. If you’re coming our way and want to catch up do let us know. Best, C&K
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C & K Wellington
Couples Sex Retreat

It is quite normal to feel vulnerable when receiving any kind of massage therapy. As a practitioner, I am acutely aware of the need to make my clients feel comfortable. I pride myself on having an easy going, non-judgmental manner that hopefully, puts people at ease quite quickly.  I am sure you will love the experience of freedom that bodywork brings about.

This will depend on the session chosen. Therapeutic and Sacred sessions are full clothed.  Certain full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or the  longer tantric sessions that require two way touch or skin on skin contact for deeper intimacy may require a naturist approach. However the options will be discussed with you before the session begins.

Full Service (sexual intercourse) is not a service that is included in our practice.  However we do believe that you may have a most enjoyable, liberating and fun time receiving the session that is created for you.

Mindful touch and total presence is encouraged during any full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or tantric session. However each person involved in the session (both client/s and therapist/s) will be encouraged to speak consciously about their personal needs/boundaries/fears/desires prior to the session commencing.

Hugs are great.  However, we understand that some people may have boundaries around touch.  So permission is always asked rather than assuming that a person would enjoy a hug.

Yoni is a sanskrit word for Vulva/Vagina/Pussy – according to tantric philosophy the Yoni is the source of all that exists and represent Shakti and Devi, the creative force that moves throughout the entire universe.

Lingam is a sanskrit word for Penis – loosely translated as the Wand of Light that channels creative energy and pleasure.

Full Body Massage also known as Loving Touch or Sacred Sensual Massage.  This is a sensual awakening session, in which the client is nude, and the entire body is massaged, including in men the penis and prostate and in women, the yoni and breasts. It is a complete massage with every body part included unless specifically requested otherwise.

A Stress Management Massage is a therapeutic bodywork experience that includes the whole body minus the genitals.  It does however include breasts and buttocks, as well as reflexology to face, feet and hands and unwinding of the belly.

The Mini-Surrender session is a shorter, entry level sensation building session that allows the client to dip their toes into BDSM whereas the Absolute Surrender Session is a deeper dive that includes role play and significant fetish and fantasy implementation.

No, Kissing is fluid exchange, and a high risk behaviour that could  spread STD’s. Therefore it is not encouraged. Unless of course you are attending a Couples Intimacy Session, then kissing is encouraged between people that share a fluid bond. 

If you are feeling like it is time to start feeling great again and reconnect with yourself, boost your self confidence as well as your immune system, de-stress and receive some beautiful loving bodywork, I encourage you to call me to book some time to nurture yourself, so that you too may start enjoying your life with bliss, love & anticipation. 


My Passion

Is to listen, support, guide, nurture and inspire men, women and couples to experience juicy optimal wellbeing through consciously created bodywork sessions, intimacy retreats and talk therapy
The Process To Get Started...

1. Get In Touch

Let's have a chat so we can discuss your needs and create a plan

2. Choose a Date

Let's synchronize our calendars, day/evening/weekend

3. Payment in Advance

Secure your booking with a deposit via Direct Debit, PayPal or Stripe

4. Turn Up & Enjoy

The excitement will be building...I look forward to meeting you soon

Connect With Me

Address: 327 Ngutumanga Road
RD3 Te Aroha - New Zealand

Mobile: +6421 025 12226
landline: 07 884-7014



See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.

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