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Live your most purposeful life. Come explore the wide range of powerful life changing therapies, that will give you the tools to weather the storms that life throws at you...
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Hi, I'm Pauline

I’m an Intuitive, Bodyworker, Reiki Healer, Tantrika, Sacred Intimate and Soul Dancer, based in Te Aroha, New Zealand. Over the last 8 years I have had the privilege of helping to inspire and empower over 2000 men, women and couples from all over the world, to show up and grab the juicy life that they deserve. 

Nurturing Massage is the name I chose to represent me and the offerings I share from my peaceful rural studio. In the early days, the word “nurturing” would regularly come up when I would check in with my clients after their sessions. They would say that they felt “nurtured”, and this adjective so aptly described my style of bodywork, that it stuck…

To fully support my clients needs, I run carefully curated overnight stays, intimacy retreats, workshops and one on one sessions. I am also the founder of Soul Dance, a local community support group for women, and Inspired Intentions by Pauline  my latest aromatherapy range for men and women. 

It is my vision to create a space for people of all genders to become empowered, reconnect with their soulset and their heartset.  Find their voice again, create and live a life of power, pleasure and purpose.

Do you need a safe space to heal, be heard or be seen?


Let me help you to explore the possibilities of a life filled with power, pleasure & purpose...

Vibrant & empowered beings create a magical path so that others may follow...

Let us have a heart to heart on an important matter…

  • What does being  empowered mean to you? Are you that?
  • How strong is your connection to your sacred feminine or sacred masculine self?
  • Are you at peace with where you are in life – relationships, career, belief systems?
  • Do you look forward to each day with joy, anticipation and a renewed sense of purpose?
  • Are you at peace in body, mind and Spirit?
  • How confident are you at communicating your needs and desires to those that you love?
  • Are you a survivor or a thriver?
  • Are you ready to make change to take back your power and embrace your authentic needs?
  • Are you ready to do what it takes to release your fears and judgements about yourself?
  • Are you ready to reconnect with and awaken your inner warrior?
  • Are you ready to show up and trust yourself?
  • Are you ready to find out what you are made of?

A few personal things about me...

I am a Leo, fiery, courageous, compassionate and playful, which also makes me dogmatic, opinionated and proud, sometimes this works in my favour. Other times it can make me seem overbearing and bombastic. But mostly it helps me to be fearless and capable.  The strength that comes from within, is here I believe to help, hold and nurture others.  Us Leo’s protect our pride from attack and we fight, until the end… My family include a loving partner in Murray, a son, daughter and step daughter plus an ever growing menagerie of animals… including a cat, three dogs, three goats and three cows. Neither of which will become anyone’s dinnertime meal anytime soon.

Fancy, glitzy things do nothing for me, I prefer wholesome, free range and open space. Small spaces and small minds, suffocate me. While I can appreciate good quality, opulence and over indulgence, makes me feel ill.  I am happy with just enough. Any leftovers or over abundance gets shared.  I have been told, that I will never be rich, because I am always giving.  This is fine. Having good health, safe quarters and a happy family life, is the only wealth I am interested in having. Having said that, I do have earthly needs and commitments like everyone else, so I do charge for my work.

I value honesty, integrity, kindness and passion. My love language is touch and acts of service, which is notable considering the career I have chosen.  Being in service to give touch. Although, I have noticed that words of affirmation rate extremely highly for me too, at times… I feel deep pleasure within my soul, when someone refers a friend, or writes me a testimonial to tell me how much value they received, by working with me.

My sexual archetype is…

…shapeshifter, as I can flow quite easily between sensual, sexual, kinky or energetic depending on the energy or the person I am resonating with.

I love beautiful nourishing tasty food, the more I feel the love that went into the creation of the meal the better.  My sleep is important to me, I look forward to blissful rest in a comfortable bed at the end of the day.  I enjoy cuddling, making love and walking in the forest. I especially love swimming in sparkling clean rivers and oceans and its always better if I can do this in the nuddy….

I enjoy spending time in nature, appreciating the majestic beauty of trees as well as their energy. Some people get off on looking at architecture.  I get a huge buzz appreciating the limbs, leaves and flowers that the plants share to sustain other animals. The sound of a bumble bee pollinating a flower or a native bird calling its mates, make my heart bubble over with joy, and noticing other animals, just trying to survive, only makes me feel more driven to protect. I feel connected to the cosmos when I look up at the sky, the moon or the stars.

Dancing and listening to beautiful music with friends or alone, settles my heart and helps me feel peaceful.  When I do get some spare time, it’s a hard decision whether to spend it creating a new meal, communicating with the animals in our care or curling up and reading a book.

My other creative pursuits include painting, sewing, gardening, writing, and cooking . One of my deepest desires is to walk all the “Big Walks” around New Zealand, and swim and explore as many beaches, oceans, rivers and lakes as I possibly can.

Both Murray and I, love sharing time with down to earth,  positive people who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Have you been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?
Do you feel like you need to get off the rat wheel?

The central question I explore through my offerings is, How can I help you to live a happier more authentic and purposeful life?
How can you work smarter, not harder?
Learn the mistakes that Couples make in relationship, and learn how to not repeat them....
Learn how to truly listen to your body wisdom.
Discover the choice's open to everyone and explore your unique gifts...


Retreats for solos and couples

Immerse yourself in experience, during our residential retreats. We create unique experiences for individuals and couples that wish to explore an unrushed healing pathway. Whether you wish to increase your erotic intelligence or improve your immune system through specialized bodywork modalities. We have a wide range of evolving sessions that we can customize to fully support you as an individual or as a couple.
Explore naturism, conscious talk therapy, relationship counselling, ecstatic dance, sensual qi gong, kundalini yoga, music therapy, chakra balancing, unwinding of the belly, tantric bodywork, Sacred Hot Stone Massage, Archetype and Astrology exploration plus much more.
Let us know how we can help you.

sessions for

What prevents you from living a life filled with purpose and pleasure? How happy are you with your relationships, your health and your career? My sessions for women have been created with love and understanding on what it truly means to be a strong empowered women in today's hectic world. How easy is it for you to communicate your needs to your partner? Are you wishing to explore your sexuality or improve on the quality of touch that you receive? Would you like to feel the loving nurturing that a four handed massage provides, or be pampered for a whole day with my Ayurvedic Nurture or Aromatherapy Detox Day Spa? No matter which session you choose, I have created experiences that I am sure you will love. Come join me for some down to earth nurturing.

sessions for

Build your immune system, with my beautiful range of therapies using my complementary modalities. Take time to listen to your body's needs. Explore authentic presence and mindful touch. Learn how a Lingam massage can help you to feel seen, release poor self image, erectile dysfunction and insecurities around performance and improve relationships. Or how a stress massage can help you have a great night's sleep or reduce your blood pressure...
Have you ever thought about having a prostate massage or exploring sensation play in BDSM? I invite you to experience my mindfully curated sessions specifically for men. Learn how to become a better lover by having one on one tantric sessions that guide you into mastery. Sessions for men range from Stress Massage right through to Full Body Tantric Massages that include therapeutic prostate massage.

Holistic Therapies
for everyone

Joining the dots between mind, body, spirit. Holistic therapies are a blend of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Sacred Hot Stone Therapy, Unwinding the Belly and Talk Therapy. Ideally the main intention of a "Sacred" session is to create a deeper connection with your Sacred Self and the Divine, I am merely the facilitator of this journey. The space that I hold for you is sacred, the loving touch I share with you is mindful, empathetic and non-judgmental. These beautiful, uplifting and nurturing sessions are not choreographed and whatever happens within these sessions flows organically. They are full body massage sessions, with no genital touch.
All genders are welcome to book in.


Still not sure about what you need?  

Fill in my Session Assessment Form so I can guide you. 


Some of My
& Modalities

  • Healing Touch
  • Healing Oils
  • Healing Herbs
  • Family Dynamics
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Taoism/Feng Shui
  • Stress Management
  • Interfaith Ministries
  • Astrology
  • Spiritual Guidance

Two Hour Full Body Sacred Hot Stone Therapy – Not your average beautician style treatment.

90 Minute Full Body Detox

  1. Massage Therapy
  2. Detox day spa – Aromatherapy Wrap
  3. Inspired Intentions Range
  • Kansa Wand Facelift Massage
  • Kansa Vatki Foot/Leg Massage
  • Ayurvedic Detox Day
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Dosha Balancing
  • Tantra

Unwinding of the Belly encourages the release of trauma, while also connecting you back in with your intuition, creativity & sensuality.  Also great for repairing issues relating to bowel, ovaries and lymphatic congestion.

Stress Massage – effectively manages stress – during this session I  combine, complementary integrative modalities to support optimum wellbeing.  Breathwork, Hot Stones, Unwinding, Reflexology, Ayurveda and Aromatherapy may be combined for a synergistic outcome 

NOTE:  Stress Massage is a fully therapeutic session – no genital touch is included in this massage.

  1. Conscious Sexuality
  2. Healing of the Masculine
  3. Healing of the Feminine
  4. BDSM
  5. Erotic Archetypes

Abundance is not something we acquire it is something we tune into.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

soul dance women's support group

Looking for a community of like minded women of all ages, who share triumphs and tribulations?

The Soul Dancer’s meet fortnightly for dance, meditation, fellowship and qiqong. We talk about anything and everything that relates to living a happy fulfilling life.  We journey with sound, drumming, dancing, and meditation or journeying with our archetypes. We share laughter and sisterhood within a reverent circle of sisterly love. If this resonates, you know what to do.


I came to Pauline’s beautiful healing space not knowing what to expect. What unfolded was the most profound body work experience I have had. She is highly skilled in having conversations about the deeply personal. This made me feel comfortable & confident, as well as setting up an understanding between her and I, for the healing session that unfolded. Her attention & intuition throughout the massage made me feel held and safe. The session was tailored to my needs and I was able to surrender to the experience giving me a profound & life changing shift in perspective about myself. I am grateful for the experience and will join others who travel from Australia to seek her unique healing gifts.
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Lady Grace Age 50
Energy Healing, Full Body Nurturing, Sacred Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Crystal Clearing

Connect with me

Address: 327 Ngutumanga Road
RD3 Te Aroha - New Zealand

Mobile: +6421 025 12226
landline: 07 888-0850



See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.

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