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what other conscious Couples have had to say...

Couldn’t wait to get back home…whatever you’ve done to us last night is amazing. We have a new perspective on life and most importantly us.  We both didn’t think we could possibly love each other anymore but it’s happened.  Thank you so much.  You have given us so much to explore within us that’s new and exciting.

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Mr & Mrs H - Tauranga

Couples Massage

Hi there Pauline and Murray, we remain very appreciative of the time and good energy you shared with us when we came to stay with you. 

We’ve talked about it often and you’ve influenced us for good. Thanks to you we got to experience  KNP and see that there’s nothing scary about nice social naturism. 


We also have you both to thank for sharing your great attitude to getting naked with us in the spa and chatting. As well as the way you went about encouraging us to try same room play in front of another couple. We know all of these things seem so tame to more experienced folk, but they were positive experiences for us when we stayed with you both. 
We’ve now got a large cedar hot tub where we can host others for nights under the stars soaking in the hot water. 
Finally, we’ve been inspired by your cabin/couples retreat building and are now designing one ourselves. We think it will be a beautiful space for intimacy. 
So thank you.
Here’s to a great 2020 for you both. If you’re coming our way and want to catch up do let us know. 

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C & K - Wairarapa

Sex Retreat

Last night we caught up with Murray and Pauline as I felt I needed a massage after a very tough work year for me.  

I stripped off and jumped up on the table (I am not confident about my body as I am significantly larger than the average) and didn’t bother that Pauline was seeing me all laid bare on her comfy bed. 

This is a HUGE improvement on the first time I went, where the lights had to be dimmed so low that poor Pauline couldn’t see what she was doing!  So, we are already quite a few steps forward!

​I had a lovely massage from Pauline, beautiful loving touch, hot stones – OH how I love those stones, and awesome conversation with my friend.  But, things were not quite as connected as they would have been normally, I don’t know what it was – and it was in no way anything that Pauline did.  I just couldn’t let myself go completely, it was very strange.  When Pauline was massaging my lower abdomen, I was feeling very strange nerve twitches that almost made me jump off the table!   It was almost like my body would not let me allow this loving touch from Pauline, a very strange sensation as I have never had this problem before with her. 

So, my lesson here is – LOVE and MAKE LOVE, TOUCH, FUCK, MASSAGE, and most importantly COMMUNICATE!!!! 

What the hell is wrong with us that we can’t tell the person who should be the closest and dearest what we want, is it embarrassment?  Is it shame?  Or fear?  If there are any people in the world that can help us in this journey, it will be Murray and Pauline, as they are the most giving, loving and adventurous people we know!

Thank you again Murray and Pauline, you are so good to us and we know you have our best interests at heart and want to see us enjoying each other too (in more ways than one, hehe).  We will be making more time for us, alone and hopefully if you will still have us, with you. 

I hope this very honest and brutal testimonial helps people – we are all going through the same thing and need to recognise the important things in life – LOVE and TOUCH!

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Mr & Mrs X - Waikato

Couples Retreat

Hell yeah, Sign us up!

Becoming an Exclusive VIP Couple, has many benefits to enhancing your relationship.
Don't miss this opportunity!

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • You don’t know whether you are pushing the right buttons.
  • You aren’t confident enough to communicate your needs to your partner.
  • It is easier to say nothing, than say something that may hurt, even if it’s the truth.
  • You feel that you are ships passing in the night.
  • You need a romantic escape that will improve your relationship, but not break the budget.
  • You miss what you had in the beginning.
  • You feel like you are no longer seen as a lover.
  • You may want to explore new ways of receiving and giving touch, safely.
  • You wish to learn how to give each other pleasure and move energy through the body.
  • You wish to create a deeper connection.
  • You want to feel alive and invigorated.

What you'll discover when you start touching each other...

Couples that can play together stay together. Sure everyone changes as they get older.  Priorities, financial commitments and domestic life can be an absolute fizzer in the bedroom.  But it doesnt need to be. 

During your Couples Massage, we will explore the possibilities of play, sensation and open up communication. Learn how to connect through the kind of touch that speaks to your partner’s soul. What once was enjoyed may now not give the same amount of excitement, so we will journey into new ways of finding that spark.  You will discover connecting from the heartspace first creates deeper intimacy and a longer more sustaining arousal, that elevates out of the genitals, through the core of the body and out into the universe.  There is so much more to creating magic than you may already know…

Your love life will be invigorated after 2 hours of conscious touch...

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always got…

Having a Sacred Intimate, like Pauline guide you, is one of the most beneficial activities a couple can do for their relationship. Creating and maintaining a deeper connection with your beloved is not something that is easy.  A lot of couples mess this aspect of relating up.

During your Couples Massage you will learn things about each other, that will encourage a more open hearted style of communication.  This will give each of you confidence to show each other the kind of love that you know your partner desires.  You will have new skills on touching, moving and being.  Your friends and family will want to know what your secret is, to this deep fulfilling relationship that you share…


There are no Excuses to not Reconnect with each other when you say Yes!

A Review

The night after we both had our wonderful experiences with Pauline, we came home and made wild passionate love together, changing the focus of the experience from getting to the end goal with an average result, to not thinking of the end goal and just letting the pleasure take over and allowing each other to explore. Who knows, maybe one day we will even get that in tune with each other that I will allow the light on….But baby steps, the fact that we were so at one with each other was a miracle in itself, something we hadn’t experienced in a long time. We both Thank you so much, you have a true gift that I feel we have only just seen the surface of, in just one day we see what we have been missing out on and are so looking forward to advancing to a higher level. Thank You Beautiful Lady xx"
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Mr & Mrs X
Couples Intimacy Massage

do you want to have epic Sex?

Couples Intimacy Massage

Making love may have lost its intensity...but don't worry I will show you how to spice things up...

I created the Couples Intimacy Massage, for couples who wish to explore and creatively integrate the art of Tantra, Eroticism and Conscious Sexuality into their own lives. 

The main intention during this open hearted and playful Couples Intimacy session is to strengthen, enhance and re-ignite your passion for one another as a couple and to create a stronger bond of sexual intimacy with each other.

Life can get very busy and stressful at times, what with building a career and raising a family, that it is so very easy to lose that intimate connection with your partner. 

Making love, may have lost its intensity and passions may have fizzled out.  Our bodies change, and so do our needs.  What turned you on about each other when you first met, has most likely changed too. 


If you are honest with yourself, you may have had some fantasies that you would have liked to explore, but didn’t have the courage to communicate this desire to your beloved.  

Or, you may have a little voice inside of you, wanting more excitement or ecstasy.  But not something that will wreck your relationship, like jumping the fence or taking on a lover.
You may just wish for more juiciness, more play and more pleasure.


During your Couples Intimacy Massage you will both learn how to give each other an ecstatic, body awakening Tantric massage and be guided to master skills, confidence and awareness to become your partner’s ultimate healer and lover.  

With my gentle guidance and encouragement, you will both learn how to touch each other with complete presence and communicate your most authentic intimate desires without inhibition or fear of judgement.



As the quality of your touch deepens, so your heart expands in love for one another, and you begin your journey into the deepest realms of self and soul. 

Holding patterns/belief systems that had previously limited the freedom of the body, mind and spirit, are encouraged to be released, so you may dance freer and live in authenticity.

Imagine yourself and your beloved returning to your life and relationships, more open, renewed, invigorated, empowered and aware of your own juicy, divine life force!


The Couples Intimacy Massage is unlike any other experience. Tantric Massage as a couple is the most loving gift you can give each other within a loving relationship. It has been proven to enhance and restore intimacy, and elevates your commitment to each other to an even higher more “open hearted” level.

Pauline Cannon - Tantric Guide/Sacred Intimate - Nurturing Massage

This powerfully effective Couples Taster - is for you if you need to build confidence, improve connection, have some fun & awaken the body, with a dash of tantra, eroticism and spirituality, thrown in for good measure...


Benefits of experiencing our Couples Intimacy Massage

If legendary loving is what you need...

A Review

Thank you for checking in with me this morning. Coming to you was one of the few things I did without thinking too much. I have a tendency to overthink everything. I came with little by way of expectations of what I was to receive, and although I knew it was a little bit more than a foot rub and was prepared for that. What I really wanted was to let go and take whatever came. The warm and inviting way your studio was set out and your whole manner set me at ease completely. I started off a bit cautious but didn't end that way. I felt very cared for and safe, but at the same time empowered and exhilarated and for that I wanted to say "Thank You", you have a very special gift - Thanks for sharing with me.
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Ms M
Loving Touch 2 hour Session

A taste of My 3 step Process

Step 1 - communication

On arriving to your session, we will have the opportunity to talk about where you are at in your relationship, and whether you have any specific desires or intentions for this particular session.

We communicate about the importance of touch, love languages, orgasm and much more, as well as where you currently are in your relationship. 

Please understand that this is a “taster session” which means in order for us to have an unrushed, enjoyable session. If there are any specific topics that you wish to talk about in depth, it will cut into your massage time. I have allowed 30 minutes to talk about needs and desires. Please feel free to email me or phone me to discuss any further issues that you think, either of you may have prior to the session being held. (48 hours prior is preferable at a minimum)


Step 2 - exploration

It is my intention to get you both enjoying sensation within your bodies without getting too caught up in blaming or judgement. This is not a counselling session, it is experiencial and hands on. 

My Couples Session is about having some good clean fun. You are safe to explore and tap into your sexual archetypes…sexual, sensual, shapeshifter, kinky or energetic. No theory here, we are about hands on mindful presence. Learn tips and techniques to exploring erogenous zones, marma points and stress release. The total session time is 2 hours, which means you will each get a fully focused, four hand session* for approximately 45 minutes each.  This will give you both a really good place to start with your mindful intimate connection.

*Four Handed Session – One partner will mirror me while we massage the other partner. (two sets of hands)


Step 3 - Inspiration

The intention of these tasters are to inspire you to carry on creating more magic…

Together we create a sexy bodywork session to give you a taste of the potential beauty that can be created through receiving and being involved in a Couples Massage. The juicy part is the making of some sweet memories that you will both remember for a long time. Our brain loves reliving juicy scenes, which will helps reignite the passion even after play is over. Over the following days, you will find it easier to integrate everything you have learnt from communicating your desires, to being able to just lie back and receive touch without any agendas or inhibitions.

Do you need a profoundly safe space to share, explore, and play?

Why this is such a great opportunity...
My Couples Taster, will give you the tools to transform your relationship, elevate your sex life and strengthen your intimate connection...

It isn’t often that I offer such a discounted Couples Session, but I wanted to make sure that no one has an excuse to walk away from their relationship without first trying my way of connecting and communicating. Marriage counselors and sex therapists do a great job, but they are not hands on enough in my opinion. When we bring our communication through the body, it speaks authentically.  Loving someone intimately isn’t just black or white, we have many layers of desires and beliefs that form how we both give love and receive love. I truly believe that too many couples these days just give up on their relationships without even trying. Being in a relationship certainly takes hard work. Most people don’t realise that making love begins outside the bedroom, with the words that we speak, the tenderest glance or the lightest touch and even the acts of service we perform for our beloved. It is not just about sexual needs being fulfilled. I am passionate about helping people create deeper connection, and I believe the world would be a better place if there were more happy connected people in it. The flow on effects of my couples sessions are liberating and peace promoting.  When your soul is happy, then so are you. Everything begins and ends with you.  So are you ready to dive in? 

In this Super Special couples vip taster you will get...

  • A profoundly safe space to drop in, explore and share your desires with conscious presence and non judgement
  • Explore Tantra, eroticism and conscious sexuality in baby steps with your own personal guide
  • Learn about love languages and sexual archetypes and which of these speak to your soul
  • Learn hands on how to integrate the art of tantra and conscious sexuality into your love life
  • Learn ways on how to create your own intimacy rituals to keep the passion flowing

couples VIP Taster

2 hour Midweek Couples Session
$ 400

Are you Ready to become an artist of love? Put on your patchouli love oil and let's make Some Sweet Memories!

The stars are aligning, the candles are being lit, the space is warm and inviting, & all I need is for you and your beloved to say " Yes Please" !!