Lymphatic Drainage

Build your immune response, detox your body and get healthy again. Our Lymphatic Drainage treatment will ensure you fight a good fight.

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Does your body need a detox?

Lymphatic Drainage

Here are 4 reasons Lymphatic Drainage may be your answer to healing your body...


Helps to fight disease and infection by localizing foreign bodies.  It is involved in detoxifying our body (like our own in-built waste disposal unit) transporting toxins, bacteria, excess fluid and metabolic waste out of our bodies as well as producing other immune-competent cells (primarily T and B cells) which are involved in fighting infection.  T cells and B cells belong to a group of white blood cells known as lymphocytes and play a central role in our immunity.


Lymphatic Drainage, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system via the relaxation effect, reducing pain by sedating the sensory nerve endings. This in turn allows tight muscles to relax inhibiting extreme muscle tones, so much so that some surgeons request their patients have Lymphatic drainage treatment prior to surgery, as this will make surgical incisions easier.


The lymphatic system on its own can circulate between 1.5-2 litres of fluid a day, whereas the efficient activation of lymphatic circulation can increase this figure to 15-30 litres a day.  The result is that fluid flow improves which in turn assists with toxin removal as well as carrying vital substances to areas where they are needed thus hastening healing times


A huge benefit of Lymphatic drainage, is that it stimulates fluid circulation and elimination, assisting with detoxification.  It encourages the lymphatic system to absorb and transport lymph more effectively which stimulates an increased production of lymphocytes, enhancing immune function.


How can a lymphatic drainage make a difference to your health?

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

A lymphatic drainage session takes approximately 90 mins, and is performed to the front of the body only...

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, is a very specific slow, rhythmic, sequential massage with specific manual strokes delivered with a superior light touch always in the correct direction.

Correct sequence is particularly important, as it is necessary to clear areas in order to achieve complete fluid evacuation.
Work must always be carried out proximal to distal, because fluid cannot be directed into the nodes from the extremities unless the nodes themselves have first been cleared.

The strokes are made with* the skin rather than ON the skin as in a typical remedial or therapeutic massage. MLD assists the body to refresh and rejuvenate its fluid (known in some circles as the “river of life”) enabling it to establish resistance to all types of stress that our systems are placed under by stimulating the immune system.  

Lymphatic Drainage is not to be confused with a muscular massage as it works above the muscle fascia as 70% of the lymphatic fluid is found here.


Lymphatic Drainage

Why is a manual lymphatic drainage such a great treatment?

  • Helps with managing stress – allows the body time to self heal
  • Indirect relaxation and pain reduction on skeletal muscle, also has a tonifying effect of smooth muscles eg colon
  • Scarring prevention – enables the body to remove unwanted fluid at the site, thus preventing infection.
  • Edemas -(oedema) sprained ankle or other post traumatic conditions can be treated effectively with RICE therapy in conjunction with MLD
  • Lymphoedema -primary and secondary
  • Sinusitis/Hay fever
  • Breast Surgery- segmental, simple or total
  • Dentistry, helps with swelling and pain related to sore gums
  • Dermatology -eczema, acne vulgaris, seborrhoea, psoriasis,
  • Aesthetically -smooths wrinkles, scarring, cellulite, skin tone
  • Gastroenterology improves constipation and digestive disorders
  • Neurology (Migraines, strokes)
  • Rheumatology (musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders)
  • Edema during pregnancy
  • Post Surgical conditions
  • Bronchitis (Asthma and allergies affecting breathing)
  • Prostate Enlarged  – helps release toxins trapped in the inner thigh region
​Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy Detox Wrap, Aromatherapy Reflexology Facial For those wanting to include their lymphatic drainage massage as part of a relaxation spa day, Pauline has created a 4.5 hour treatment that begins with a full Manual Lymphatic Drainage, followed by a Sacred Hot Stone Massage and completed with a one hour Aromatherapy Wrap and Relaxing Aromatherapy Facial with Reflexology This package is perfect for those people suffering from anxiety, fluid retention, loss of motivation and those wanting to get back in touch with their body

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, can be used in many applications and has a profound effect on increasing lymphatic flow. With an increase of lymph flow immune function is increased. Harmful substances are removed from the tissues and neutralized in the nodes. It has also been shown that an increase in lymph flow stimulates an increased production of lymphocytes, enhancing immune function.

Lymphatic Drainage Research
Choose your Detoxing Lymphatic Drainage

lymphatic drainage
90 Min

$ 150
  • 90min
  • full lymphatic drainage

Detoxify my world

$ 500
  • 4.5hr
  • full lymphatic drainage
  • sacred hot stone massage
  • aroma wrap
  • aroma facial
  • foot massage

What's involved in a manual lymphatic drainage session?


Firstly, we start with a 15 minute pre session chat to ascertain your health goals.  Whether you have any pre existing health conditions or if you are on any medication that will impact your session.

I will explain what is involved in receiving a Lymphatic Drainage. Then you will be asked undress in the bathroom, removing any underwear, and make yourself comfortable underneath a cosy blanket on the massage bed.  


The treatment is performed to the front of the body only. Starting with  an opening sequence on the terminus (chest area), then moving down the body, slowly and precisely towards the feet, and then back up your body to include the face, neck and closing sequence. 

At times you will be asked to participate in deeper breathing when I am moving the lymph nodes on your stomach area, but other than that you will most likely fall asleep as the treatment is really relaxing.


You may experience some headaches or nausea.  This is normal as your body will have already begun detoxing. You may also find that your bladder and bowel starts to work more efficiently as the toxins are eliminated. It takes approximately 72 hours to recalibrate after a lymphatic drainage treatment.


For best results: it is recommended to receive one lymphatic drainage treatment, every week for four consecutive weeks, then a maintenance lymphatic drainage once a month thereafter.chan



People with any of the following ailments will need a doctor’s clearance: Very Low blood pressure, malignant tumours, acute inflammation caused by bacteria or viruses, poisons or allergens, Sclerosis, Heart Valve insufficiency or asthma due to heart problems, Thrombosis, phlebitis and DVT.

Pauline Cannon - Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner - Nurturing Massage

of Lymphatic Drainage

What You Can Expect Every Time...

Duty of Care

It is my intention to keep you safe during your session, my safety and hygiene protocols are of the highest standard


Everything that you share with me is sacred and is held in the strictist confidence


Learn new ways to connect through breathwork, sound, movement and mindful touch

custom created

Each session is custom created to your specific needs


Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal with respect and non judgement


Your body will feel more balanced and grounded. Experience deep peace and relaxation in our private studio

A Review

I think my sinus is much better. I can wake up most mornings and not have a blocked up head. My well-being, considering I have had some dental work ongoing, has been pretty good. I have not felt unwell. After the last treatment I did not experience the tiredness that I had previously. Budget allowing I would love to continue these treatments. I particularly loved the aromatherapy hot stone massage with foot and face included. I have told my friends about this. I have been recommending the treatments to people I know and will continue to do so. Also, Pauline’s skill and gentle nurturing ways are just wonderful. I think the Kansa Wand Massage has had really good results with the tone of my skin. Ï went to a school reunion last week and I constantly had comments about how well I was holding my age and how good I looked. I was really chuffed to think that so many people said that to me. The Kansa Wand Massage has enhanced the youthfulness of my face. The surprise of the Kansa Wand Massage was the transition from the hands to the wand was not obvious. It flowed almost as one continuous movement. I was surprised that I slept - it was so relaxing and enjoyable but I was sorry I was not fully aware of every second of it.
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Bette Age 77
Kansa Wand Facelift Massage - 6 week Case Study Particpant
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It is quite normal to feel vulnerable when receiving any kind of massage therapy. As a practitioner, I am acutely aware of the need to make my clients feel comfortable. I pride myself on having an easy going, non-judgmental manner that hopefully, puts people at ease quite quickly.  I am sure you will love the experience of freedom that bodywork brings about.

This will depend on the session chosen. Therapeutic and Sacred sessions are full clothed.  Certain full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or the  longer tantric sessions that require two way touch or skin on skin contact for deeper intimacy may require a naturist approach. However the options will be discussed with you before the session begins.

Full Service (sexual intercourse) is not a service that is included in our practice.  However we do believe that you may have a most enjoyable, liberating and fun time receiving the session that is created for you.

Mindful touch and total presence is encouraged during any full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or tantric session. However each person involved in the session (both client/s and therapist/s) will be encouraged to speak consciously about their personal needs/boundaries/fears/desires prior to the session commencing.

Hugs are great.  However, we understand that some people may have boundaries around touch.  So permission is always asked rather than assuming that a person would enjoy a hug.

Yoni is a sanskrit word for Vulva/Vagina/Pussy – according to tantric philosophy the Yoni is the source of all that exists and represent Shakti and Devi, the creative force that moves throughout the entire universe.

Lingam is a sanskrit word for Penis – loosely translated as the Wand of Light that channels creative energy and pleasure.

Full Body Massage also known as Loving Touch or Sacred Sensual Massage.  This is a sensual awakening session, in which the client is nude, and the entire body is massaged, including in men the penis and prostate and in women, the yoni and breasts. It is a complete massage with every body part included unless specifically requested otherwise.

A Stress Management Massage is a therapeutic bodywork experience that includes the whole body minus the genitals.  It does however include breasts and buttocks, as well as reflexology to face, feet and hands and unwinding of the belly.

The Mini-Surrender session is a shorter, entry level sensation building session that allows the client to dip their toes into BDSM whereas the Absolute Surrender Session is a deeper dive that includes role play and significant fetish and fantasy implementation.

No, Kissing is fluid exchange, and a high risk behaviour that could  spread STD’s. Therefore it is not encouraged. Unless of course you are attending a Couples Intimacy Session, then kissing is encouraged between people that share a fluid bond. 

If you are feeling like it is time to start feeling great again and reconnect with yourself, boost your self confidence as well as your immune system, de-stress and receive some beautiful loving bodywork, I encourage you to call me to book some time to nurture yourself, so that you too may start enjoying your life with bliss, love & anticipation. 


My Passion

Is to listen, support, guide, nurture and inspire men, women and couples to experience juicy optimal wellbeing through consciously created bodywork sessions, intimacy retreats and talk therapy
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See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.

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