earth Mother

A customized 6 week Healing Programme designed for Women

Are you tired of receiving superficial generic massages? Earth Mother is for women that wish to elevate their physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. This earthy replenishing offering weaves together modern, and ancient rituals and remedies to nourish, nurture and rejuvenate all women back to their essential selves...

Earth Mother

A 6 Week Intensive Healing Programme designed for Women who wish to elevate their physical, spiritual & Emotional Wellbeing

These six, deliciously rejuvenating & nourishing body treatments have been carefully curated to uplift, nurture and support all women back to their essential selves. 

Earth Mother was created to bring about alignment and perfect balance between your four interior empires, Mindset, Healthset, Soulset and Heartset.

Without perfect balance we are never fully grounded nor able to tap into our  divine higher self or function at our most empowered selves. Where creativity, truth and love flow freely.

 Earth Mother, weaves together theory, rituals and ancient and modern healing therapies into your weekly bodywork treatments.  The treatments include the wise synergy of  powerful modalities such as Plant Based Nutrition, Ayurveda, Plant Spirit Medicine and Manual  Lymphatic Drainage of the key areas that historically retain toxins and stuck energy,  to bring about peace and body tranquility, clearer thought and improved cognition.

  The Earth Mother healing programme  can only serve to empower and nurture your entire being until it is so ingrained in you to thrive from your highest nature.

During your weekly check-in’s and pampering treatments you will begin the journey of gently detoxing while connecting back to your higher self (spirit) and start stitching your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies back together allowing your life force to bubble up and flow freely once more.

Along the journey you will notice considerable improvement in all of your body systems.

All you need to do is say YES for YOU!

Isn't it time that you took care of yourself?

As women, whether we have physically given birth, have a womb or no womb, breasts or no breasts,  we are constantly creating and nurturing others to feel supported, loved and nourished.  All this nurturing outside of ourselves takes a tremendous toll on the body and the spirit and it can leave us feeling empty and drained of life force. This is when practicing supreme awareness and active presence empowers you to take intentional rest for yourself, and Earth Mother is the one session where this can happen on a regular basis.

Pauline Cannon - Creator of Earth Mother

Here are some great reasons to sign up for Earth Mother...

  • Become more energized, this means you will have the energy to play again, and say Yes to those things that you would usually pass on.
  • Enjoy better time management, so you can fit more activities into your day, and still feel great at the end of it.
  • Improved clarity of thought, so you can multi task again and juggle all those balls at once.
  • Deeper sleep, awaken refreshed which means you won’t feel fragile or lethargic or be hanging out for that cup of coffee to give you that extra push.
  • Ease sinus congestion and hayfever, so you can smell the roses again and become aroused sexually again.
  • Less anxiety and stressful episodes, which may mean less medication or feeling fretful. Emotional levelling, less mood swings, so your family won’t need to walk on egg shell’s anymore.
  • Reduced tinnitus, the ringing in the ears is one of the first ailments to disappear.
  • Improved digestion and detoxification – bloating will be a distant memory and you will be more aware of which foods trigger reactions because your body will be running cleaner and digesting food a hell of a lot better.
  • Improved communication as you will have had enough time to process what you really need to say to others, with love.
  • More creativity, because everything around you starts working smoother and your time is freed up to create some more magic again.
  • Plumper skin and facial muscle tone, the targeted marma point massage will help you not only feel better but your friends will think you have had botox (see testimonials)
  • Improved Bowel Movements, means that you will feel lighter, less bloated and you will be absorbing the nutrients from your food better.
  • Improved Hormone balancing – plant oestrogens in the aromatherapy will help to balance your hormones without loading up your system.
  • More flexibility in the neck and shoulders to throw that frisbee with the kids or go for that longer yoga stretch.
  • Ease Migraine headaches so you can ditch the drugs and heal your organs.

Give yourself the Gift of Self Love...

Earth Mother is the best gift to give yourself so you may intentionally replenish your cup and illuminate that magical earth mumma that's inside of you...

Earth Mother Review

In my eightieth year, I am very fortunate that I am feeling fit and well, and I look forward to my remaining years being the same. I choose to think positively and do do my best to ensure that I eat well, exercise and stay connected to those who are important to me. For the last 4 years I have been taking even more care of my physical and mental well-being, by having massage therapy with Pauline. My journey started with a lymphatic drainage massage, then became a case study for the Kansa Wand Facelift massage which was the start of a new adventure. This regular attention to myself was so beneficial that I decided to commit to having a treatment once or twice a month following the case study. Enter the joyful Earth Mother programme. My sessions with Pauline have been so beneficial. Starting with a discussion about things in general, Pauline quickly builds trust and it becomes a sharing, based on a deep understanding of my needs. I have picked up so many tips that have helped me with diet, lifestyle, Ayurveda and essential oils. I have experienced some beautiful products that when applied I feel really cared for and special. My take-homes are specially formulated oils are tailor made for me and fit my needs, whether it is for my hair, my belly or my face. As a result of Earth Mother, I do not wear any makeup apart from my eyebrows and my face oils. My skin tone has evened out and I often receive compliments. All this has enhanced my well-being. The Earth Mother massage has become my go-to massage. Immediately, when I get onto the massage table, I melt. I know the routine and feel safe in knowing it. My body responds. When the Kansa Wand facial begins I often drop off to sleep. My feet are another place that triggers this response. I cannot recommend this treatment and Pauline’s expertise more highly. She and her magic hands are a gift.
Earth Mother
Lady Grace - 80 year old - Morrinsville

Why did I create the Earth Mother Programme?

I wanted to  share a little more information on the reasons why I created the Earth Mother.

What kind of women does Earth Mother support, and what flow on effects can be expected apart the benefits above… 

Firstly, I know that money and time is tight for everyone, so I wanted to create an offering that was powerful, affordable and held true value.  I wanted the receiver to feel immediate results and then see long lasting results too….

When life gets tough, especially when living in a pandemic ravaged world as we all now are, the last thing a person prioritizes is a massage, am I right? Well, now more than ever we cannot afford not to look after our bodies!

Mother’s are well known for putting everyone else first, we are altruistic, we are martyrs and we are rescuers, but even a heroine needs to put her oxygen mask on first…


So, taking care of yourself is the best way to protect and nurture those that you love. 

I have always believed in the power of choice, and one of my choices is to always  ‘invest’ in myself, whether its paying to learn a new skill to add to my toolbox, getting a new haircut, booking a massage or choosing to eat organic food over normal everyday produce or sharing time with positive like minded people.

I am super aware that the effort and consciousness I give to my body, mind and spirit reap the rewards that are enjoyed for a long, long time after the money has been spent. This is my lifestyle, I know the benefits of honouring my own needs, more than outweigh the financial costs in the long game.


Why Healing Earth Mother, not Earth Father?

I noticed with women, they would book a massage, only when they had literally hit the wall, or fallen in a heap.  Men on the other hand have no problem whatsoever pampering themselves regularly. They don’t spare a second thought to the cost, they know how good they will feel and they just do it!

But I digress… so with women they would book in for session, but they were so stressed out, I noticed that they needed more than bodywork, they needed encouragement and supportive tools, they needed to release emotion and just vent, they needed help with their diet and they needed one on one guidance and motivation, to not give up.  What is the point of keeping on doing something that doesn’t serve you?  I don’t believe putting a plaster over an issue is going to solve anything… Why keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result?  That isn’t going to happen.

Anyway, I digress again… so, I would patch them back together as best as I could, and they would feel great for the first few days, but then they would slip back into their old rut, get fatigued, eat terribly, not take time out for themselves, basically burn themselves out, until they landed on my massage table again months later. It was like 2 steps forward 5 steps back… I would encourage them to do a Qiqong ritual or include more breathwork or unwinding of their belly into their day or make better food choices, and they would agree to be kinder and more attentive to themselves, but then they would fall back into the old ways and so it went round and round. 

So I thought, if I could encourage these women to commit to regular Earth Mother treatments instead of only when they had hit a crisis point, they would maximize their outcomes and would become so skilled on tapping into their needs instantly. Heartbased communication would become their first language and they would be more confident in communicating their needs with love. With supreme awareness of hyper nutrition, they would become more selective of their food choices, and notice how what they ate affected their moods, hormones, digestion and their energy levels, because they would be more aware on a daily basis what felt good in the belly and what didn’t.  

The self awareness that the Earth Mother programme installs, is phenomenal, life changing and enlightening. [See Testimonials]

After a 6 week intensive Earth Mother, you cannot be anything other than self aware, fully present and fully grounded. Your future self will be so vibrant, healthy and empowered.  Tap into that vision now and join me. 

Earth Mother is for women that are passionate about optimizing their health and well-being 

It is such a simple Programme, but it works!
Each week this is what you'll receive...

90 minute Earth Mother session plus 30min Chat (total time 2 hours)

***Front of Body Exfoliation
***Kansa Wand Facelift Massage/Facial
***Lymphatic Drainage to Breasts & Arms
***Hand and Wrist Relief Massage
***Belly Unwinding
***Massage to lower Limbs and Feet

***Receive a new aromatherapy remedy each week to suit you. As you detox and build your immune system, your needs will change and so will the remedy.


2 x Email Follow up's or skype calls following the completion of the Earth Mother Programme.

Receive a generous discount on future Earth Mother Treatments

I am passionate about my creations, as I have seen first hand how my sessions allow women the safe space to retrieve their sparkle. Earth Mother is a truly nourishing and grounding experience, your body will absolutely lap up the hands on nurturing and the organic plant based ingredients that will be used on your body. An unexpected and very noticeable side benefit is that their partners start thriving too. One participant shared with me that her husband, hung out for his morning smoothie, and he had more flexibility in his knees and shoulders…yet she was the one getting the nutritional one on ones and massages. How cool is that? 

So, this programme not only benefits you, but has a ripple effect to everything else in your life.

How is this possible you may ask? 

I believe that most importantly women are true game changers, when we are joyful, thriving and empowered, we shine a vibrant luminosity for others, especially our children, friends, sisters and lovers to follow. Be the silent leader.

Do you have 2 extra hours a week to make change? On average people spend that much time just scrolling through social media and news feeds, and we all know the detrimental aspects of that activity…

My intention in creating ” Earth Mother”, is to create a tribe of women that can do some seriously powerful stuff, not only for themselves but for others too.  After all we are all connected, are we not?

Whether you’re just starting out on your healing journey or are a well seasoned explorer of wellness, I’d love to meet with you and work out an Earth Mother programme for you.


Why is this such a great opportunity?

Earth Mother's 6 week programme, will give you the physical, emotional and mental rest that you need to release stress, build your immune system and listen to your detoxing body...

A taste of My 3 step Process

Step 1 - communication

  • Each week, we will have the opportunity to talk about where you are at in lifestyle goals
  • We will check in on your diet/food diary and suggestions will be made to tweak and improve body function.
  • We will talk about other tools or rituals that you can include into your week to add extra synergy to your wellbeing.
  • Each week you will be offered the opportunity to add on a botanical facial that includes a cleanse, exfoliation and masque treatment. (These are an add on so will be charged for accordingly) speak to me about this.
Earth Mother

Step 2 - exploration

  • It is my intention that you get to experience the full benefit of Earth Mother.  So the massage will be kept to schedule.  Failing to come weekly will affect the momentum and power these restorative treatments create. However, sometimes life will get in the way and we will go with the flow when that does happen.
  • Each week we shall explore the modalities of Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Face Massage and Ayurvedic Foot Massage, Lymphatic Drainage to the breasts as well as Unwinding of the Belly.
  • After your sessions you may notice considerable improvement of digestion, skin tone, circulation and sleep improvement amongst many other benefits. Participating in the Earth Mother Intensive will give you a very good idea of which modality is your favourite and which supports your body, mind and spirit best. You will also gain an insight into the benefits of nourishing your body with healthful food, rituals, touch and breath.

Step 3 - Inspiration

  • The 6 week Healing Earth Mother programme, will give you some of the tools to take home such as breathwork, unwinding of the belly and how to add aromatherapy into your life to release stress on a day to day basis.
  • You will be a lot more confident to communicate your needs to others and to listen firstly to your bodies own needs, especially when it comes to taking in mindful nutrition.
  • It is quite normal to be detoxing after your first few sessions, so your body will start feeling lighter and more energized.  The flow on effect of connecting in with your body will have a transformational flow-on effect to other parts of your life.
  • You may be inspired to share your journey with those that you love.

What other Earth Mumma's have had to say...

I have just had my 5th Earth Mother massage of a series of 6… and I have enjoyed each one so very very much… 

As soon as I see the trig site on top of the Te Aroha peak I feel my heart rate slow down and a feeling of peace and happiness come over me, as I know I am nearly there, arriving at Pauline’s studio… the wee oasis of relaxation and gentle touch.

A warm hug and greeting from Pauline sets the session off, as I sit comfortably and we chat about where I’m at and what I need… I am offered some refreshment, and the Mother Earth massage begins… I help select the aromatherapy oil blends used for my skin, some music is selected especially for me, then a full hour is spent massaging my face and head, including a Kansa Wand Facelift massage… it is so very relaxing that many times I fall asleep during this part of the session… 

After my relaxing facial, Pauline then massages my breasts and then detoxes my abdomen with a lymphatic drainage massage which has helped my stomach and bowel, blood circulation and fluid retention… you should hear the gurgling sounds my guts make after everything gets a great ‘jump start’ and gets moving again, happily ☺️Pauline then massages my arms and hands, which I love, then moves down to my feet and legs, which I love even more!! No one massages as well as Pauline does… it’s just wonderful… 

And amazingly, after 5 years of left-sided numbness following a brain-stem stroke, I now have feeling in my left foot, due to new neural pathways opening up, through Pauline’s gentle and therapeutic touch… this is just incredible to me! 

I feel so relaxed and blissful after my session, I don’t really want to move initially, just absorb all the wonderfulness of my surroundings and hold it all in, for as long as possible… but after a refreshing drink of water and a hot shower, I am ready to face the rest of my day ☺️

Earth Mother is all about creating a refreshing and nurturing massage that lifts your spirits and makes you feel and look great… relaxes the facial lines and creases, tones the skin,  and relieves the tightness and stress in your muscles from head to toe… an all over re-energizing and awakening of the body… 

Pauline provides the space and surroundings for complete mindfulness, re-connection and release of tension… 

I wholeheartedly recommend that you book the Earth Mother massage sessions and treat yourself to some long needed care and attention… you deserve it x

Robyn age 55

Earth Mother Programme

I cannot thank Pauline from Nurturing Massage, enough for the Ayurvedic Massage treatments that I have recently received at her health and wellness studio.

I recently completed a 4-week Case Study which involved a one-hour treatment with Pauline, using the Kansa Wand and marma point massage to both my face and neck.

Before my first treatment my skin felt tight and sluggish on my face and neck. There was no glow and I was developing wrinkles and frown lines.
After receiving the Ayurveda treatments, my skin is light and airy, fine lines and wrinkles have reduced, pigmentation had most certainly lightened, and I have noticed an overall brightness in skin tone. I no longer feel like my skin is a tight rubber band – It can breathe again.
Two noticeable factors for myself, are my sinus’s have nearly cleared and I do not feel the tension up around my eyes the same. On a personal internal level, my thinking is a lot clearer after each treatment.
The treatments with the oils were very relaxing and the aroma alone lets you drift off in your own space. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Ayurveda massage with Pauline to anyone.

Ms Sharon Dean

Ayurvedic Case Study

Here's what's included in Earth Mother...

  •  6 individual 2 hour sessions of total “you time” – 30 minute chat, 90 min  Earth Mother Massage*
  • A profoundly safe and tranquil space to drop in and explore your bodies needs with conscious presence and non judgement.
  • Each Earth Mother treatment includes the modalities of Aromatherapy, Unwinding of the Belly, Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Facelift Massage, and Foot Massage and Lymphatic Drainage of the Breasts. 
  • PLUS there are add on options: Each week you will be offered the opportunity to add on a botanical facial that includes a cleanse, exfoliation and masque treatment. (There may be an extra fee for this) but speak to me about this extra pampering treat.
  • Learn about nourishing sadhanas, how the simple rituals of making yourself the priority, by including nourishing foods, massage and self love can improve your health and wellbeing and heal your body, mind and spirit.
  • A carefully curated aromatherapy remedy each week to support your digestion, sleep and energy levels.
  • 2 x Email Follow up’s or Skype calls following the completion of the Earth Mother Programme.
  • Receive a generous discount on future Earth Mother Treatments. (conditions apply)

earth Mother Programme

6 week Intensive
$ 180
per session
  • 30 min check in each week
  • 90 min Earth Mother Massage
  • Free treat each week
  • Discount on future sessions
Save $420

Earth mother Massage

Single Session
$ 250
  • 30 minute check in
  • 90 minute Earth Mother massage
  • Add on options available

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See you soon, Pauline xx

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