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Within this page are some kind Words of Affirmation from gorgeous beings, that I have been so privileged to share time and space with…I hope that reading these testimonials will encourage you to visit, refer or learn more about the possibilities available to you. Or at the least, realise that you aren’t alone. Someone else somewhere is experiencing issues similar to you.

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letters of appreciation from Men...

My experience into Absolute Surrender….

I thought I would send you a little letter to thank you for the beautiful experience we shared a few weeks ago, when I came to you for some sensual body work. 

My first contact with you was from a safe distance, (my computer) where I was able to ask questions and then answer your own intimate ones, that would give you some background history on me.

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I must admit even the little questions you asked started getting me intrigued, just anticipating what was to come next, your words and instructions were intellectual erotic foreplay, and you hadn’t even touched me yet. It was clear to me that you were very much focused on creating the best sensual experience for me.
No generic massage treatment here.

I arrived on time, on a thundery rainy day.  You greeted me at the door with a smile and some kind words, I cannot remember, I was that nervous.  You led me to the massage room where you instructed me to undress in front of you, while you went through the questionnaire once more, face to face this time, making sure that there were no miscommunications.  We decided on a safe word to use, if I felt it necessary, although you assured me that, you were not into giving pain but rather pleasure…even though you said that you would definitely be pushing me to the edge, I would be able to rest assured that I would always be safe. Somehow I felt myself trusting you. So with that, you blindfolded me, cuffed me and then gently led me out of the room and into another.

Immediately I felt the atmosphere was different, here in this room, it felt like a ritual was about to take place.  The energy was charged, I could feel my adrenalin coursing through my veins.  The room was warm, the carpet soft under my bare feet, I could hear soft music playing and smell essential oils burning, I sneaked a peak from under my blindfold and saw flickering candles ,soft plush cushions, and a large soft mattress on the floor. I could feel myself getting aroused, this was really happening.  I was looking forward to a total sensory experience….

  I really needed this.  I had been single for three years since my wife left me for another.  My ego was bruised, I hadn’t been touched in a while.  I knew that I needed to get back out there and start meeting people again, but I had lost the confidence, this is why I had contacted you. (A good friend had suggested I go see Pauline for her Healing Touch)

So here I was standing in Pauline’s Play pit as she called it, awaiting further instructions.

Now I am not going to give any more of the Absolute Surrender secrets away, as I think Pauline takes a lot of time in preparing and making her sessions unique for each client, from the music she plays to the clothes she wears. Pauline also likes to keep an element of mystery and anticipation, so if I described my whole experience word for word, it would rip off the next lucky person to have the opportunity.  Just know this, if I could, I would certainly make this a regular occurrence, Pauline’s nurturing touch was sensual, magical, erotic and playful all at the same time… yes she did push me to the edge, a few times, but I never felt unsafe…I just wanted the experience to last.

 Pauline’s beautiful session is “Sacred” as promised.  Pauline met me on every level, with love and attention.  We had a lot of fun, I was able to explore so many aspects of myself I never knew I had within me and that had been lying dormant for a long time. It was one of the best experience’s I have ever invested in, I reached that orgasmic ecstatic bliss that most people only ever dream about, as well as a divine reconnection between myself and my sacred sensual self.

Thank you beautiful.”

Mark - Wellington

Age 43 - Absolute Surrender

Richard’s journey of his sensual self…

Thursday 22 January 2015 was the day I embarked on a journey of discovery of myself in the gentle, caring hands of Pauline.

On the trip across to Te Aroha, my mind went over the unknown’s, as to what was going to happen in the time with her, what would it be like and how I would react.

This was my first time. A wonderful welcome met me at the front door and after a brief introduction I was escorted to a lovely room, scented with oils, candles gently flickering, music softly playing and a warmth that enveloped the room.


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Having undressed and reclined face down on the soft massage table, Pauline entered and proceeded to massage my back, buttocks and backs of my legs.

Very quickly I drifted into a quiet space of my own and welcomed the expert hands of this thoroughly professional and charming lady.

These hands worked the oil into my wanting body, shoulders, back, and buttocks, then with a gentle caress, my prostate, the vibrator and hot stones adding another dimension to the bliss.

By now I was completely relaxed and in the hands of this delightful lady, the warm oil and her hands doing such magic to these parts of my body, she was in control of me and it was heaven.

On turning over, I had a chance to open my eyes and look on the face and beautiful breast of this lady who was transporting me to another place.

Receiving a massage with warm oil was so pleasurable and attentive I wanted to stay here forever. No part of my body was left wanting. I was complete.

My body was just glowing, like I have never experienced before. A beautiful final massage of my head and scalp brought the time to an end.

I wished this would last forever and could be had very frequently.

Thank you Pauline for this lovely healing touch, I will be back as often as possible to experience this again.

Richard - Bay of Plenty

Happier, Healthier and Loving it…

After many years of being in a loveless relationship.  I visited Pauline in December 2015.

I was made to feel most welcome on my arrival and we sat down in the lounge and had a good discussion about my personal health, my perceived wants/needs and what I hoped to achieve. I was reminded that this wasn’t all going to happen in one session and that I too was going to have to make conscious changes such as letting go of past hurts etc.
Pauline introduced me to the massage table and left me to get ready. Upon her return she very quickly transported me to seventh heaven with her touch and various ‘tools’ she had at her disposal. Remember, I’m already in seventh heaven and I’m still on my front!


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Upon rolling over, I was sent even further into ecstasy with her words of encouragement and her wonderful touch. 

As I had been so long without being touched, I thought I would climax almost immediately, however, the exact opposite happened. I couldn’t reach climax, but for once in my life, I didn’t care! I was so at peace within myself, so comfortable being me and enjoying someone touching and encouraging me.

I must have been on a high for at least a week afterwards and I was able to face the world with a whole new perspective. At this stage, I realised the importance of the initial one on one with Pauline, so that she could get to know me better.


Recently, I made a return visit, thinking we would get straight down to the massage, but no, again Pauline had the open and friendly discussion before we started. To say Pauline is a tease, would be an understatement! Using a whole range of accessories, I was very quickly brought/taken back to seventh heaven and then it happened! Pauline introduced hot stones to my back. My initial reaction was to think she was pouring hot oil over me, but I soon realised that the stones felt as though they were liquid and I can’t ever remember having experienced this beautiful  sensation before.

Pauline is a beautiful woman, who is blessed with the talent/knowledge of how to make you feel like a king, but at the same time feeling so relaxed and so eager to have your own boundaries/comfort zones pushed further and further.
I now feel that I have a far more positive outlook on life, I have got rid of the past blocks and am far better equipped to deal with day to day challenges. 

Another big positive is that since my Dec visit, my Dr has reduced my blood pressure medication from a morning and nightly 95 mg Metoprolol tablet to a morning Metoprolol tablet, of only of 23.75 mg. I have also ceased taking a daily dose of 20 mg Fluoxetine ‘happy pills’. This is something I have been taking for at least five years and yet, in just over three months, Pauline has got all my ‘birds flying in formation’ and I feel so much better for it!
Pauline,  THANK YOU!


Letters of appreciation from Women

Thank you for checking in with me this morning. Coming to you was one of the few things I did without thinking too much. I have a tendency to overthink everything.  I came with little by way of expectations of what I was to receive, and although I knew it was a little bit more than a foot rub and was prepared for that.  What I really wanted was to let go and take whatever came.


The warm and inviting way your studio was set out and your whole manner set me at ease completely.  I started off a bit cautious but didn’t end that way.  I felt very cared for and safe, but at the same time empowered and exhilarated and for that I wanted to say “Thank You”,  you have a very special gift – Thanks for sharing with me.


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Age 37 - Yoni Massage

It took a year of looking at Pauline’s web page and large amounts of research before I bit the bullet to contact her to see if she was the person to help me with all my issues including self-hatred and low self-esteem, now I wish I had found my courage so much sooner.

A couple of e-mails and a phone call then saw me heading down the line, this nervous, self-conscious and awkward person walking into her studio was met

by a strong vibrant woman who welcomed me with a big warm smile and relaxing me with a simple and gentle hug.  I was soon opening up to her as she took her time to learn about me offering words of wisdom as we went, explaining what to expect and letting me know that I was in total control over what would happen, she personalized and created an experience for me that was absolutely perfect and needed at the time and better still with no judgement.

I have had several sessions with Pauline now and each one is created with what I need at that moment; Pauline checks in at the start to see where I am at and what I need. I generally start each session very self-conscious and awkward but end totally blown out of my mind and relaxed to the point that I don’t want to get off the table but just stay wrapped up in a blanket in total “la-la land”. Her intuition is spot on every time; her touch is sensitive and firm and she is so aware what is needed and at what time.

Over the last few months I have learnt a little more about myself; yes I am still learning to “get out of my head and into my body” and giving myself permission to have “me time” rather than give myself to everyone else all of the time but the self-hatred and low self-esteem is slowly reducing and the urge to learn who is the real me is bubbling away.

Over our sessions Pauline has been teaching me the importance of discovering who I am as a person; not only what I like and don’t like; but most important what I need for me. She shares her knowledge and has taught me that there is not only a whole new world out there to explore but deep inside me there is a nice person wanting to get out and show herself. She even sets homework; for me this is the one homework that when set  I will do as without it I won’t make those changes and won’t discover who I am. I’m  enjoying being in touch with what is going on outside and not being stuck in my head all of the time, the feeling of the fresh outdoor air and the sand between my toes at the start and the end of a long work day is so refreshing.

​Please note that Pauline is also a woman who has managed to change this coffee freak of twenty plus years into a herbal tea freak much to the amazement and amusement of my work colleagues!!

Pauline is an amazing beautiful genuine woman who is passionate and focused in all she does; she has so much knowledge I can’t wait to find out what else she can teach me. If you are reading this and wondering should you make contact, DO IT, don’t waste months thinking about it like I did…

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Ms Shirley Temple - AKL

Age 49 -Yoni Healing Sessions

I had the pleasure of receiving a two hour Hot Stone Massage, the experience for me was both pleasurable but also healing.

My husband and I have been together for 11 years, and over the last 7 years our sex life has been on and off and often non-existent for long periods of time.  We have 3 beautiful children, ironically our oldest one is 7 years old, this is when we became focused on being parents and didn’t put enough emphasis on being husband and wife through love. 

And like all marriages, we have seen our ups and downs with careers, kids, and life.  We had been to counselling, and I have visited many specialists as I just didn’t think I worked anymore… I hadn’t experienced a true orgasm out of pure love for many years.

My visit with Pauline started with a coffee, and a chat about life, it didn’t take long for the tears to start flowing as I explained how life has been for us over the last few years.  I could sense Pauline’s energy that she could help me, but in my mind how could she, after all, all the doctors and not even my husband could help me.

I was there for a two hour hot stone massage, and Pauline knew I had boundaries regarding my stomach area and I was extremely uncomfortable with anyone seeing it, let alone touching it.  The first hour was full back body massage with the stones and Pauline’s incredible touch.  Pauline made me feel so incredibly relaxed and also at ease, with tiny compliments that would normally make me cringe.  At no stage did she make me do anything I didn’t want to do, she asked permission to do the front of my body, at all times giving me the respect that I now know it deserved.  Pauline worked all areas, when it came to my stomach area, I let her do her magic, although there were lots of tears (from both parties!!), I let go, not just in a way of allowing Pauline to do that, but let go of all the rubbish that has been hindering me from loving myself, and also allowing my husband to love me.  Pauline combined the massage and her Reiki training to start to heal me of past hurts, past issues and more so the present issues.  We talked about her Tantra training, and very much unlike me, I was curious.  Pauline slowly and very respectfully gave me a sensual massage with a climax that was out of this world, and just what I needed to know I was not ‘broken’ in an area that for a woman should be nurtured and loved.  At all times was Pauline respectful.  It wasn’t about someone else that was pleasuring me, it was about my pleasure.  At the time, it was like no one else was in the room with me, just me and my amazing climax.

But the exiting part for me was the feeling of release and pure ecstasy that I felt afterwards, I realised I am a woman first with needs and my husband is a man with needs, not just sex, but true loving that can only be felt when we release all of our past.  A way that we can move forward with no baggage on board, so it is just about us as individuals and also lovers.  Pauline has shown me a start to letting go and just being me and embracing my body and also my needs as a woman.  I was so in awe of her and her ability that I thought my husband could benefit from the same experience.  He too received a massage from Pauline that involved Hot Stones, and sensual touch.  He also released past hurts, past anger and experienced the pure ecstasy that I had.  We can now both see a way forward from our rut and with help from Pauline in the months to come, I am sure that we will just get better and learn to love each other wholly and unconditionally with no boundaries and expectations, just giving and receiving pure pleasure.

Pauline, you have shown us a way that no one has been able to, after many visits to counsellors and various things, who knew that this could be resolved with such love, respect and intimacy.  I can sense after just one visit with you that you have changed us as a couple, and we will look forward to you helping us together on our journey of release and love.

If anyone has any doubt or inhibitions regarding this, there is no need to, what you will feel, whatever the treatment you may have is one of bliss, a state of complete calmness and awareness of yourself and also your capabilities.

The night after we both had our wonderful experiences with Pauline, we came home and made wild passionate love together, changing the focus of the experience from getting to the end goal with an average result, to not thinking of the end goal and just letting the pleasure take over and allowing each other to explore.  Who knows, maybe one day we will even get that in tune with each other that I will allow the light on….But baby steps, the fact that we were so at one with each other was a miracle in itself, something we hadn’t experienced in a long time.

We both Thank you so much, you have a true gift that I feel we have only just seen the surface of, in just one day we see what we have been missing out on and are so looking forward to advancing to a higher level.  Thank You Beautiful Lady xx

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Mrs x - Waikato

Age 36 - Sacred Stones with Yoni Massage

Our Happy Couples

Couldn’t wait to get back home…whatever you’ve done to us last night is amazing. We have a new perspective on life and most importantly us.  We both didn’t think we could possibly love each other anymore but it’s happened.  Thank you so much.  You have given us so much to explore within us that’s new and exciting.

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Mr & Mrs H - Tauranga

Couples Massage

Hi there Pauline and Murray, we remain very appreciative of the time and good energy you shared with us when we came to stay with you. 

We’ve talked about it often and you’ve influenced us for good. Thanks to you we got to experience  KNP and see that there’s nothing scary about nice social naturism. 


We also have you both to thank for sharing your great attitude to getting naked with us in the spa and chatting. As well as the way you went about encouraging us to try same room play in front of another couple. We know all of these things seem so tame to more experienced folk, but they were positive experiences for us when we stayed with you both. 
We’ve now got a large cedar hot tub where we can host others for nights under the stars soaking in the hot water. 
Finally, we’ve been inspired by your cabin/couples retreat building and are now designing one ourselves. We think it will be a beautiful space for intimacy. 
So thank you.
Here’s to a great 2020 for you both. If you’re coming our way and want to catch up do let us know. 

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C & K - Wairarapa

Sex Retreat

Last night we caught up with Murray and Pauline as I felt I needed a massage after a very tough work year for me.  

I stripped off and jumped up on the table (I am not confident about my body as I am significantly larger than the average) and didn’t bother that Pauline was seeing me all laid bare on her comfy bed. 

This is a HUGE improvement on the first time I went, where the lights had to be dimmed so low that poor Pauline couldn’t see what she was doing!  So, we are already quite a few steps forward!

​I had a lovely massage from Pauline, beautiful loving touch, hot stones – OH how I love those stones, and awesome conversation with my friend.  But, things were not quite as connected as they would have been normally, I don’t know what it was – and it was in no way anything that Pauline did.  I just couldn’t let myself go completely, it was very strange.  When Pauline was massaging my lower abdomen, I was feeling very strange nerve twitches that almost made me jump off the table!   It was almost like my body would not let me allow this loving touch from Pauline, a very strange sensation as I have never had this problem before with her. 

So, my lesson here is – LOVE and MAKE LOVE, TOUCH, FUCK, MASSAGE, and most importantly COMMUNICATE!!!! 

What the hell is wrong with us that we can’t tell the person who should be the closest and dearest what we want, is it embarrassment?  Is it shame?  Or fear?  If there are any people in the world that can help us in this journey, it will be Murray and Pauline, as they are the most giving, loving and adventurous people we know!

Thank you again Murray and Pauline, you are so good to us and we know you have our best interests at heart and want to see us enjoying each other too (in more ways than one, hehe).  We will be making more time for us, alone and hopefully if you will still have us, with you. 

I hope this very honest and brutal testimonial helps people – we are all going through the same thing and need to recognise the important things in life – LOVE and TOUCH!

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Mr & Mrs X - Waikato

Couples Retreat
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workshop/Retreat Testimonials

I have just experienced the most amazing couple of days in Pauline’s hands…. they are truly magical hands.
After the breakup of a long term marriage I found that I had been missing the touch and sensuality of another human way more than I had ever thought I would.

I had very little intimacy in the later years of my marriage due to my own hang ups, past sexual trauma, weight gain, loss of attraction to my husband, and a general lack of acceptance and dislike for myself.

I have done a lot of soul searching, lost some weight, treat myself better and have started to love myself again and felt the need and the want to ‘get back on the horse’ sexually again.


God where do you begin to even get started?
I had no idea! Someone mentioned to me about Tantra massage being a way that you can explore your sexuality/sensuality in a safe, healthy way. So I went on the internet and found Pauline at Nurturing massage…..

Wow! wow! Having spent 3 days with her I am a new woman.
Pauline took her time to chat with me, to tune into where I was at, and what my needs were, she made me feel completely comfortable and that I was in safe hands. She then set a program for me which took me through a series of treatments/massages that would guide me back to my sensual self (who has come to realize that having someone’s touch and loving attention to my body was exactly what I was in need of and was what I had been craving for).

Yes, I was nervous and unsure of why I was there and what the outcome was going to be. But I made the conscious choice to go with what felt right and not to judge it, or myself…
…and the outcome was total ecstasy and the realization that some things are NOT WRONG… they are just DIFFERENT…. I even opted for the 4 handed Yin Yang massage with Pauline’s partner Murray which I found extremely enjoyable …. not for everyone I know… but, if you think it’s something you might like, then put your trust in Pauline she is very professional, considerate and very skilled at what she does, and I thank her and Murray for a most wonderful experience which has helped me, to know that I am worthy of intimacy and that I have the ability and confidence to now move on in my life and fully experience all aspects of my sensuality and therefore get the very best out of the years ahead of me. 

Thank you again Pauline.  I so wish that I could live in the bubble of your touch, it would make me a very happy lady.

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Ms Delicious - Wellington

Age 61 - Vibrant Women Retreat

Thank you so so so much for creating the most incredible day on Saturday. Your generosity, kindness and wisdom shone through and I am so glad to have met you on my journey of self discovery. The power we created together in your space was incredible. I love everything about what you offer. 
The information you shared was transformational, I especially found the gift of mantras incredible and life-changing. I loved the meditation The massage experience was incredible as well, I felt so much strength and wholeness in the room. You were inspiring to be around, watch and learn from. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
I would like to come back and work on manifesting, desires, fantasy and how I leak my power with you – what would you recommend next?
And I would love to host you at my tiny house sometime and share a beach walk/swim/surf?!

Ms F - Raglan

Age 31 -Vibrant Women's Workshop

I had major body issues and low self esteem… I am overweight, and could hardly look at myself in the mirror, let alone being naked in front of that mirror! I felt completely disconnected from myself and had a total lack of self-love.

I went to see Pauline at Nurturing Massage after it was recommended (by another therapist, I had been working with) I get a sensual massage to help me love and accept myself.

Well, I got so much more than that! Pauline was amazing. She created and held a safe space, free of judgement, which allowed me to relax and start my journey of self-love and acceptance. She helped me realize that I have actually forgotten how to be a beautiful, feminine goddess!


Our one on one sessions spanned over two weekends (with weeks of homework in between) and even though my marriage broke up between these weekends, leaving me on an emotional roller coaster, Pauline managed to help me feel better about myself.
She somehow re-ignited that feminine spark that I thought I had lost completely.

Pauline is warm, gentle, funny, down to earth and the most loving person with a heart of gold! Her love, knowledge, guidance and friendship is invaluable and helped me find myself again in a very difficult time of my life. I am grateful for her continuous support on my journey to be the best version of me.

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Ms V - New Plymouth

Age 33 - Series of Evolving Womens Sessions

Holistic Therapy Testimonials

Two things I am so looking forward to when we are back to Level One Lockdown is being able to get back to having my massages with Pauline. I came across a booking reminder in my electronic diary and I sighed. “If only”.  I am missing that wonderful feeling when I leave Pauline’s place. The gentle relaxing, nurturing experience lowered my heart rate along with my stress levels.


The personalised blend of specific oils has helped with some of the health issues I was experiencing.  I can’t wait for my first one after this chaotic time.  

The second thing I am looking forward to is visiting my hairdresser. It is at least seven weeks since I had a trim and even though my hair has grown a lot, I have largely been able to manage it with an oil blend that Pauline has made for me. “Lovely Locks”. It works wonders leaving my curly hair easy to manage. Roll on Level One.

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Bette Blance

Age 77 - Ayurveda, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy

A little over three months ago I had my first visit with Pauline. I was very nervous and didn’t really know what to expect.  What I can tell you, is that Pauline’s, loving , gentle and kind nature quickly put me at ease. My experience was the best I have ever had at the hands of a trained therapist.

Healing hands indeed…  I walked out of Pauline’s studio feeling like a new man, both in body and soul.

Pauline took my session to a whole new level when asked if I was wanting to have a healing and experience a release using the power of life force activation to bring through the manifestation of the dreams and desires for my life. It has been a full, life changing experience since this session with Pauline.

For those of you, who think that all this sounds a bit “airy fairy”, I am here to tell you, that I am living proof of those manifestations,  which have happened to me since meeting this amazing heavenly creative, passionate person with healing hands.

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Mr P - Te Aroha

Age 49 - Series of Reiki Healing Sessions

The very best facial massage I have experienced, exceeded my expectations, highly recommended, will return for more massage.
My friends have noticed that my face is less stressed (even my mum who has owned her own skincare company for decades) I found the treatment calming, it gave insight into the spaces of the face that were tender. I would recommend this treatment to other’s, because it is a wholistic approach to understand your body.  

I loved the natural properties of the oils. The sessions gave me an opportunity to tune into my body and get key messages about coming back to self, keeping up hydration, eating nourishing food, increasing movement etc. 

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Lyn Harris

Age 54 - Kansa Wand Face Lift Massage

Connect With Me

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See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.

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