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Welcome to my Mens vIP Taster

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During this mens vip taster you have the opportunity to take a deep dive into the mind altering world of tantric touch...

Explore full body awakening, lingam massage and prostate massage with sensation play & energetics...



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what other 'men' have had to say...

On the way home I found myself spontaneously saying wow, every few minutes, out it would pop again, WOW!!
Having just turned fifty I found myself wondering if there wasn’t more to sex and intimacy than what we’ve traditionally been led to believe.
Summoning all my courage, I booked in for a Sensual Massage. I needn’t have worried, Pauline welcomed me and immediately made me feel at ease, explaining what was to happen and agreeing the boundaries.

The massage itself gave rise to the most wonderful and intense feelings I have ever experienced in my life. I felt as though the skin over my whole body was fizzing.

I will be forever indebted to Pauline for opening my eyes and sharing such an amazing, indeed deeply spiritual experience with me.

I hope to see you again soon!

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Tim - Hamilton

Reiki Healing Massage

My first session with Pauline –
I recently had the the pleasure of receiving a Lingam Massage by Pauline a few days ago, and in all honesty it was the most incredible massage I have ever experienced.
Initial contact was made with Pauline as I want to increase my knowledge of Tantra. Reading up on it is just not the same as having an experienced Tantric practitioner like Pauline to assist in my journey.
I arrived at our pre arranged time and immediately felt at ease with Pauline, she is so down to earth and you know within a few minutes that you are in good hands.

We discussed how the session would go and now it was time to experience first hand what hopefully is the beginning of an enjoyable tantric journey.

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chaz - Bay of Plenty

Aromatherapy/Reiki Massage

I work for myself, so I am always in control. I have never been able to feel sensation or arousal with vanilla style sex.  The only way that I can enjoy myself and have a release is if I receive punishment.  My wife is not interested in any form of touch.  She is a catholic so she isn’t going to accept that I have needs different to others. The great thing is that for years I have been able to get my sensation needs met by Pauline.  I have yet to have a boring session where I know what is coming next…because there is never a time when I can intuit what Pauline is going to bring out of the bag…She is so talented and connects in so well with what I am feeling in my body that the results are always earth shattering for me. I sleep so much better at night after a session, my bladder and prostate have never been healthier and my spirits are always high after having a Mini Surrender Session.

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Roadie - Age 60- Bay of Plenty

Ayurvedic Case Study

Learn how to last so much longer...

Are you curious to explore how receiving a mens sensual touch session can increase your erotic intelligence, broaden your views on sexuality & help you to live a more authentic life of juicyness?

There are no Excuses to not feel great!

learn how to have a full body orgasm...

A Review

The best thing that I have found by having regular touch sessions with Pauline is that I no longer suffer from depression. Before I found Pauline I felt like a boat without an purpose or direction. Even though the sessions I come for can range in their differences, there is always something new that I find out about myself. Most recently I discovered that I am multi-orgasmic. I also discovered that I am bisexual, but not gay. I learnt that I can enjoy sensations from both masculine and feminine bodies. I have also learnt how to use my breathing when I am stressed or worried. I have learnt how to create self pleasure rituals that do not include pornography but get me to connect with my spiritual self. I have even learnt how to create more magic in my life through manifesting and connecting with nature. All these things I have learnt from you Pauline. Thank you.
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age 35

This powerful Taster for men - is for you if you need to discover who you truly are through exploration of conscious sexuality, erotic archetypes & mindful touch - find out what ignites your inner flame, discover your passion and your purpose.

A taste of My 3 step Process to surrender

Step 1 - communication

  • On arriving to your session, you will have the opportunity to talk to me about where you are at in expressing your current needs & desires. This is an important part of your session – communication…
  • We will also check in on where your interests lie on receiving touch. Or whether you have any curiosities regarding your sexuality.
  • We check in on ailments, medications or traumas.
  • Please understand that this is a “taster session” which means in order for us to have an unrushed, enjoyable session. If there are any specific topics that you wish to talk about in depth, it will cut into your massage time. I have allowed 30 minutes to talk about needs and desires. Please feel free to email me or phone me to discuss any further issues that you think, either of you may have prior to the session being held. (48 hours prior is preferable at a minimum)

Step 2 - exploration

  • It is my intention that you get to experience a diverse range of sensations on and in your body so that your future bodywork decisions can come from a place of deep knowing.
  • We shall explore a range of modalities to support your entire being. Including Aromatherapy, Hot Stones & Prostate massage.
  • This taster session will also give you a very good idea of what your sexual archetype is…kinky, sexual, sensual, shapeshifter or energetic
  • You may find out things about yourself that you didn’t know before.
  • Explore arousal, orgasm and energetic kundalini activation, then release through sound, movement and sensation.

Step 3 - Inspiration

  • The Mens Taster, will give you the freedom to express your authentic self without any judgement. 
  • You will be a lot more confident to communicate your needs to others and to listen firstly to your own needs.
  • It is quite normal to be detoxing after a Mens Taster session, so your body will start feeling lighter and more energized.  The flow on effect of connecting in with your body will have a transformational flow-on effect to other parts of your life.
  • You will leave expanded, relaxed and invigorated. With a plan in place to get your sexual body back on track.

Do you need a profoundly safe space to share, explore & de-stress?

  • A Mens Taster duration 45 Mins plus 30 min pre session chat
  • A profoundly safe space to drop in and explore your bodies needs with conscious presence and non judgement
  • Explore the various modalities that support men, such as prostate massage, aromatherapy, unwinding the belly and marmani activation
  • Learn how to include breathwork, sound and body movement to increase arousal and sensation
  • We will explore & discuss sexual archetypes, desires, fears, fetishes, fantasy and sexuality and how to honour your individual sexual needs on a daily basis

mens VIP Taster

75 minute Midweek Sensual Bodywork Experience
$ 147

Fully Express yourself through sensual massage...

Are you Ready to journey into your sensual self with me?

The stars are aligning, the candles are being lit, the space is warm and inviting, & all I need is for you to say "YES PLEASE"!!