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Great Massage Packages to Help you become Vibrant and Healthy


option 1 : Healing Earth Mother

option 2: The Ultimate Threesome

option 3: The $30 Spring Discount (scroll down)


Healing Earth Mother

A 6 week Intensive Programme to Boost Immunity, Improve Digestion & Detox the Body

90 minute Kansa Wand Facelift Massage, Breast Massage & Belly Unwinding

$810 (Save $270)

These six beautiful grounding treatments have been carefully curated to uplift and support all Women back to their essential selves.  Earth Mother was created to bring your body and spirit back into alignment. By combining the powerful synergies of Ayurveda,  Plant Spirit Medicine (Aromatherapy) and Unwinding of the Belly, you will gently detox, connect back to your inner self (spirit) and start stitching your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies back together allowing your life force to flow freely once more.

 As mother’s, whether we have physically given birth, have a womb or no womb, breasts or no breasts,  we are constantly creating and nurturing others to feel supported, loved and nourished.  All this nurturing outside of ourselves takes a tremendous toll on the body and the spirit and it can leave us feeling empty and drained of life force.

 Earth Mothers that commit to the 6 week programme can expect all or most of the following benefits:

  • Become more energised, this means you will have the energy to play again, and say Yes to those things that you would usually pass on.
  • Enjoy better time management, so you can fit more activities into your day, and still feel great at the end of it.
  • Improved clarity of thought, so you can multi task again and juggle all those balls at once.
  • Deeper sleep, awaken refreshed which means you won’t feel fragile or lethargic or be hanging out for that cup of coffee to give you that extra push.
  • Ease sinus congestion and hayfever, so you can smell the roses again and become aroused sexually again.
  • Less anxiety and stressful episodes, which may mean less medication or feeling fretful.
  • Emotional levelling, less mood swings, so your family won’t need to walk on egg shell’s anymore.
  • Improved digestion and detoxification – bloating will be a distant memory and you will be more aware of which foods trigger reactions because your body will be running cleaner and digesting food a hell of a lot better.
  • Reduced tinnitus, the ringing in the ears is one of the first ailments to disappear.
  • Improved communication as you will have had enough time to process what you really need to say to others, with love.
  • More creativity, because everything around you starts working smoother and your time is freed up to create some more magic again.
  • Plumper skin and facial muscle tone, the targeted marma point massage will help you not only feel better but your friends will think you have had botox (see testimonials)
  • Improved Bowel Movements, means that you will feel lighter, less bloated and you will be absorbing the nutrients from your food better.
  • Improved Hormone balancing – plant oestrogens in the aromatherapy will help to balance your hormones without loading up your system.
  • More flexibility in the neck and shoulders to throw that frisbee with the kids or go for that longer yoga stretch.
  • Ease Migraine headaches so you aren’t missing the world going by.

Choosing the Earth Mother programme is a perfect loving gift to give yourself so you may replenish your cup, and carry on being that magical earth mumma and continue to shine your magnificent light.

During your treatment you will also have the option of having your very own “Mother, Nurture and Belly Bliss “remedy created to further sustain you during these stressful times.

Pre Purchase this limited Edition offer now…


The Ultimate Threesome

3 x 90 minute sessions Full Body Massage or Mini Surrender
$797 (save $103)


A transformative and rejuvenating experience for all men, that wish to reconnect with their intimate and sensual masculine selves by receiving a pure, deeply nurturing full body sensation building massage.

Once purchased the sessions should be used within 6 months.

(It is recommended to achieve momentum of treatments, use monthly) 

Unwanted sessions will not be refunded.


What would you do with an extra $30 in your pocket?

Spring is here and there is no better excuse to get your kit off than when you book in for a rejuvenating and sensation building full body tuneup…

I have been getting lots of requests for discounted sessions, and I hear you and feel your need. My regular clients know that I do not skimp on time or quality ever, plus I’m a pretty generous girl…

So for a limited time (that is until midnight on 30th September, I will be offering a $30 discount on any sessions 90 minutes and longer right across the board, Holistic, Mens, Womens, Couples etc..

You can buy online and pick your favourite session, or ring me to book in directly.  Don’t forget to use /mention the Discount Coupon Code “Spring” otherwise you miss out!!

P.S. You can buy two and save yourself $60…(just saying)

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