Womens Massage Sessions

Our beautiful range of uplifting Womens Massage sessions have been created with pure intention for the optimal wellbeing of the feminine spirit.

Women can choose from a range of modalities and massage types that resonate with their spirit.  There is the opportunity to take baby steps and be guided slowly, or to dive into sensation and sexuality. My passion is to guide and inspire all women to embrace their juicy goddess by offering deeply nurturing treatments that slowly awaken the body and heal trauma and connect in with your bodies needs and desires.

Choose from a range of sessions from 1hr to 4.5hrs, using modalities of Reiki Healing, Unwinding the Belly, Lymphatic drainage, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Tantric bodywork and so much more. Retreats are also available to have a residential experience. Should a customized womens session resonate with you, connect in with Pauline about your needs.

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