Ayurveda Nurture

$350.00 3 hours

​Escape for the day and experience full body nurturing the ayurvedic way. This session includes a 1hr ayurvedic kansa wand facelift massage, plus a full body ayurvedic massage with kansa vatki foot and leg massage thrown in for good measure. This session is sure to pamper and release muscles and stagnation of toxins.

​Ayurvedic Touch Full Body Nurture starts off with a consultation, where we discover your unique dosha and talk about how to improve your health and well-being through diet, exercise and stress management.
Once we have had a talk, I can create the oils that will be used during your treatment.
(You may also purchase this blend to take home with you).

The treatment…
We shall begin with massaging your hot oil blend to the back of your body, stimulating marma points and releasing any tension or knots to the back, neck, legs and buttocks as we go using a combination of hands, wands and stones. Once completed you will be able to have a quick break before we continue to dive into a deeper state of relaxation where you will receive the next part of your treatment to the front of your body.

Front of body treatment includes…
Face, neck, arms, hands, breasts, stomach, legs, inner thighs, feet
Unwinding of the Belly and lymph node release for further lymphatic drainage.
Kansa Vatki Foot Massage
Kansa Wand Face Massage.

*The whole session takes 3.5 hours but allow for 4 hours

Includes a herbal tea/fruit

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