Detox My World (4.5 Hours)


For those Men and Women, wanting to include their lymphatic drainage massage as part of a Relaxation Spa Day, I have created a 4.5 hour treatment that will get your body back on track.  Your day begins with a full Manual Lymphatic Drainage, followed by a Sacred Hot Stone Massage and completed with a one hour Aromatherapy Wrap and Relaxing Aromatherapy Facial with Reflexology. This package is perfect for those people suffering from stress, anxiety, fluid retention, constipation, loss of motivation and those wanting to get back in touch with their body.

Also includes fresh seasonal fruit & herbal teas.

Conditions that will benefit from My Detox My World

  • depression or anxiety
  • stress
  • skin issues
  • menstrual problems
  • menopause
  • leg care/circulation
  • the common cold
  • problems of the digestive tract
  • general muscle aches and pains
  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • insomnia
  • digestion issues

Aromatherapy massage works on the autonomic nervous system, the involuntary system that affects the efficiency of our organs and the endocrine system. It is a form of massage that relaxes, relieves aches and pains, stimulates blood circulation and assists lymphatic flow. When blood circulation becomes sluggish, the lymph flow slows and waste materials are not properly eliminated.

Stress is acknowledged as a major factor in many modern lifestyle disabilities and illnesses. It can cause amongst others a slow-down or shut down of the digestive system, lowered immune function, rising blood pressure, thickening of the blood, reduced insulin activity and increased cholesterol.
Aromatherapy and Lymph drainage encourages a reversal of this cycle. By applying and inhaling appropriate essential oils as in the Aroma Wrap, will influence the limbic system to bring about a state of relaxation and well-being.

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