Hot Stone Massage

$180.00 90 minutes

HOT STONE THERAPY – A beautiful treat when it’s cold outside and your body is aching for touch and deep nurturing. My Hot Stone Massages are not your everyday beauty treatment.  These full body massage sessions are grounding, relaxing and rejuvenating.  Giving you the space to drop into your body with purpose and intent whilst the stones go about repairing sore muscles, increasing energy and improving circulation. During your 90 min Hot Stone Massage you can relax back and allow the heat and the aromatherapy wax to recalibrate the body.

I use Hot Stones for treating all sorts of aches and pains in the body. The gentle but powerful earth energy of the stones are grounding, the heat penetrates right through to your muscles allowing the muscles to relax and your body to destress.  You may find yourself drifting off into slumber while your entire being is nurtured. An aromatherapy blend is added to the wax so that your body can absorb the plant spirit medicine of the essential oils. The Heated Stones are not just placed on your body, like you would expect (seeing this in images) but used as a massage tool and massaged over the body until the heat disappears, when another set of stones are used.  Some stones are used for trigger point therapy, some are placed as a spinal lay while you receive massage to the front of your body.  Toe stones are also added, while your feet snuggle nicely in a warm towel. The hot stone massage treatments are beautifully relaxing and nurturing.  You will want one every day.


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