Peyronies Massage With Oil Remedy

$250.00 1 hour

This one hour consultation includes a 30 – 40 minute Peyronies massage focusing on the trauma/scar tissue that has created the curvature of the penis.
A customized aromatherapy blend  specifically formulated to break down scar tissue and for your unique disposition is created for you to take home so that you may administer the remedy 3 times a day for the next few months.
Sex talk Therapy (optional) on ways to have better sex with your partner with a curved penis. includes a 50ml Peyronies Oil formulated for you.

If you have recently been diagnosed with Peyronies, no doubt you would be feeling overwhelmed, confused, depressed and  understandably so. Unfortunately life can be harsh, but let’s look at things in perspective and try to work it out together.

Over the years, I have created a Peyronie’s Massage treatment to help men work through physical and emotional issues that come up from being affected by Peyronie’s.

Besides receiving the Peyronie’s Disease Massage, client’s will also have the opportunity to participate in talk therapy and therefore receive beneficial guidance on how they can still enjoy a very pleasurable intimate relationship, even with a bent penis.

Disclaimer: It is important to understand that in order for successful scar tissue remediation, you will need to perform daily self massage to the affected area with the oil that I create for you. 

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