Prostate Massage with Full Body Massage

$300.00 90 minutes

One of the wisest things a man can do for his own vitality, spirituality and sexual wellness is to include regular therapeutic Prostate massages as part of his massage regime.  I am so passionate about the optimum wellbeing of men, that I wouldn’t be doing men any favours if I didn’t include a therapeutic Prostate Massage as a service. Prostate Massage is one of the best things a man can do for his sexual health.

Regular prostate massage allows blood and oxygen into the muscle and surrounding lymph glands and should be part of an integrated health plan to ensure a strong and pliable healthy prostate.

*Note: This is a full body sensual massage, that also includes therapeutic focus on the prostate, muscles of the buttocks, inguinals of inner thigh and the scrotum. It does also include massage of the lingam.

Receiving a Prostate Massage should be a priority to men over 50. Most men, only start considering the needs of their sexual health or their prostate when they start seeing or feeling symptoms. But this is almost too late…no point shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted…

  •  Available to men only.
  • The 90 minute Prostate Massage includes a Loving Touch Massage
  • General warming of muscles to the lower back, buttocks, inner thighs, scrotum, anus, lymph nodes – inguinals and inner thighs
  • Includes, Hot compress, Hot Stones, Vibration
  • Gloved massage to the prostate
  • A customized aromatherapy blend to balance body, mind, spirit
  • Includes marmani release and lymphatic drainage to the targeted area
  • Pre session chat (allow an extra 15-30 minutes
  • Talk Therapy/Nutrition guidance (optional)
  • Guided Breathwork to encourage relaxation and life force circulation.
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