Prostate Massage with Nutrition Guidance (60 Minute)


One of the wisest things a man can do for his own vitality, spirituality and sexual wellness is to include regular therapeutic Prostate massages as part of his massage regime.  I am so passionate about the optimum wellbeing of men, that I wouldn’t be doing men any favours if I didn’t include a therapeutic Prostate Massage as a service. Prostate Massage is one of the best things a man can do for his sexual health.

Regular prostate massage allows blood and oxygen into the muscle and surrounding lymph glands and should be part of an integrated health plan to ensure a strong and pliable healthy prostate.

*Note: This is not a full body sensual massage, this session includes therapeutic focus on the prostate, muscles of the buttocks, inguinals of inner thigh and the scrotum. Plus a good chat about nutrition, and how some easy changes to your diet, lifestyle and self love practices can improve the health and wellbeing of your prostate and sex life.


What’s Involved in a Prostate Massage:

Firstly, we start with a quick chat about any health issues or allergies you may have, including what led you to come see me. Therefore please be prepared to discuss any lifestyle or relationship issues or traumas that you are currently experiencing. We may also touch on any personal or relationship/nutrition goals you need help with and whether you have any boundaries relating to touch. I allow approximately 15 – 20 minutes for this check in.

Once you are settled on your stomach on the comfortable massage bed, the Prostate massage session will begin with a hot moist towel to the buttocks, then the warmed oil will be massaged into your muscles on the lower back and buttocks.  Care will be taken to activate the lymph nodes on the inguinals (inner thigh area) which are most important in releasing any toxins that have been held in this area.  The scrotum tissue will then be gently warmed and further softened to allow for a deeper release. Finally the muscles around the anal region will be softened to allow for a penetration of a gloved finger (usually thumb) to reach and massage the inner prostate tissue inside the anus.  Special attention will be paid to areas that are holding tension around the prostate, so that a gentle release of toxins can happen within the prostate,


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