Sacred Hot Stone Massage

$250.00 2 hours

Feeling like you need a complete treat? Enjoy being cocooned in warmth, while your body, mind and soul receive nurturing touch with my two hour Sacred Hot Stone Massage. This sacred therapy is perfect for you if you need to forget about the worries of the world for a while. This multi layered massage, will allow you to succumb into complete relaxation.  The heated stones and aromatherapy wax are massaged all over your body.  Toe Stones, Belly Stones and a heated Spinal Lay are all part of the treatment. This full body massage will leave you completely blissed out. You have the option to receive Reiki and chakra/crystal clearing to balance, uplift and support your spiritual body.

The Sacred Hot Stone Massage is a two hour treatment where your whole being will be pampered and nurtured. This is a multilayered massage, that embraces the needs of Body, Mind and Spirit. Clients have reported feeling transported and uplifted to another destination.  Information flows and the body somehow recalibrates and regrounds with this earthy treatment. The Sacred Hot Stone Massage is also excellent for sore muscles, lethargy, arthritis, circulation, relaxation.  You will feel your body, mind and soul nurtured in the most spiritual, unwinding and relaxing way, that you have ever felt before.

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