Yoni Massage

$400.00 2 hours

Yoni Healing has been created specifically for women that find it hard to connect with their sensuality or receive touch.

Each Yoni Healing session, is created intuitively for each person as everyone has different needs, fears or obstacles to push through.

Each session may include a combination of Breathwork, Body Movement, Talk Therapy, Card Readings, Unwinding of the Belly and Marma point release on the body including face, ear and feet.

Reiki, Energy healing or Crystal Chakra Clearing is included if requested or indicated.

A balancing and grounding aromatherapy blend will be created, just for you.

Receiving a Yoni Massage can be a truly nurturing, healing and transformational experience.  Extra time is taken to uncover what has been holding you back from connecting with your juicy inner Goddess.
What has prevented you from receiving pleasure into your body and giving pleasure to another?

The Yoni Massage is the first step in bringing you back into alignment with your purpose, and takes you on a journey of exploration to finding out who you truly are including what your desires are, and gives you the permission to invoke your voice and announce those desires to those that need to hear them, without fear of judgment.

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