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Our Therapeutic Prostate Massage focuses on increasing the health and vitality of the Prostate Muscle, in addition to increasing blood and energy flow. Lymphatic drainage encourages the surrounding muscles to relax and therefore  release  tension and toxins. 

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How can this treatment help strengthen your sexual vitality?


Prostate massage

One of the wisest things a man can do for his own vitality, spirituality and sexual wellness is to include regular therapeutic Prostate massage into his regular massage regime.  I am so passionate about the optimum wellbeing of men, that I wouldn’t be doing men any favours if I didn’t include a therapeutic Prostate Massage as a service. Hence the reason, you will notice, I offer Prostate Massage as a stand alone therapeutic session, as well as an option within my other sessions for men.

When I was younger, my first husband who is 23 years older than me, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, which left me with some questions, that I needed answers to. So, I decided to focus some of my time on researching the subject of why some men get Prostate Cancer and others don’t. 

Some of the factors that I discovered had a lot to do with nutrition or rather bad eating habits, stress on varying levels, spiritual trauma, environmental stresses and a toxic body. So I gathered the knowledge and decided to share it with other men, or at least give them the opportunity to have the conversation if they so wished…

Most men, only start considering the needs of their sexual health or their prostate when they start seeing or feeling symptoms. But this is almost too late…no point shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted…

Therefore, I encourage sexually active men of all ages to keep their sexual health in optimum shape by including a ritualistic massage of their lingam, their prostate and their scrotum on a regular, if not daily basis.  This will ensure toxins are released regularly and their sexual health stays vibrant and functional.


Most men, only start considering the needs of their sexual health or their prostate when they start seeing or feeling symptoms. But this is almost too point shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted...

Pauline Cannon - Mens Sexual Health Wellbeing Activist

The Session...

Prostate Massage is one of the best things a man can do for his sexual health...

  •  Available to men only.
  • This is a stand alone Therapeutic Massage to the Prostate
  • Only known as Prostate Massage
  • Session duration: 30 – 90 minutes depending on session chosen
  • General warming of muscles to the lower back, buttocks, inner thighs, scrotum, anus, lymph nodes – inguinals and inner thighs
  • Includes, Hot compress, Hot Stones, Vibration
  • Gloved manual massage to the prostate 
  • A customized aromatherapy blend to balance body, mind, spirit
  • Includes marmani release and lymphatic drainage to the targeted area 
  • Pre session chat (allow an extra 15-30 minutes 
  • Talk Therapy/Nutrition guidance (optional)
  • Guided Breathwork to encourage relaxation and life force circulation.

Prostate Massage is an inward enquiry, that allows for a reconnection to self, your own pleasure and reunites you with your own inner healer.

Sacred Intimate - Nurturing

Choose to combine Prostate massage with Lingam massage
when you need more....

help with sexual dysfunction/feelings of inadequacy

Lingam massage can help with releasing feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom. Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronies Disease, Premature Ejaculation, failure to reach orgasm, all these problems are resolvable.

You are having relationship troubles

Lingam massage is a slower session where we can chat and you may get another perspective on how you can improve your relationship.

more touch, more intimate connection

Not your average massage session. We dive deeply into the ritualistic space of mindful and playful touch that the body, mind and spirit thrives on.

to improve your technique

Learn ways of connecting mindfully and from an open heart space. It is not just what you know but how you execute your delivery.

to relax and have a bloody good massage

This is one of the most popular sessions to receive when you need, deep nurturing, high quality touch, great therapeutic bodywork as well as the sensual intimacy and orgasmic release that the body, mind and soul craves.

to gain confidence

Client's have reported feeling so much more confident to go out and pleasure their partner or start new relationships, with their new skills.

to learn how to connect intimately with women

Yes please! More men are needed to love and honour women, speak their language and hold us safe.

a deeper spiritual connection

High Sex/Tantra and spirituality are a well known path to increase deeper connection with the Divine and your Soul's desires. Lingam Massage guides you on that higher path to spiritual connection.

to improve communication with your partner

Communication is a super important key ingredient in having a truly loving, honest and great relationship, yet we are so afraid to speak our truth to the ones that we love. A Lingam Massage encourages an open hearted conversation between lovers.

to learn how to last longer

Learn how to truly release the egocentric mind and drop deeper into the heart space where touch is an art form.

nurturing on a deeper level

Lingam Massage takes you on an exploratory journey into deeply nurturing bodywork, drawing on the holistic modalities of tantric breathwork, unwinding of the belly, hot stones and aromatherapy. Will ensure that you are truly nurtured in all possible ways.

choose your prostate massage session

Prostate Massage 30 Minute

$180.00 30 minutes

Regular prostate massage allows blood and oxygen into the muscle and surrounding lymph glands and should be part of an integrated health plan to ensure a strong and pliable healthy prostate



Choose from the following options:  Prostate Massage Only*, Prostate Massage* with Nutrition Guidance – 60 min, or Full Body Massage with Prostate Massage Included – 90 mins

*This is not a full body massage, this therapeutic session focuses on the prostate, muscles of the buttocks, inguinals of inner thigh and the scrotum. It does not include massage of the penis, should you wish for a full sensual session which includes prostate bodywork, the Loving Touch session is recommended

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What's involved in a Prostate Massage?

Firstly, we start with a quick chat about any health issues or allergies you may have, including what led you to come see me. Therefor please be prepared to discuss any lifestyle or relationship issues or traumas that you are currently experiencing. We may also touch on any personal or relationship/nutrition goals you need help with and whether you have any boundaries relating to touch. I allow approximately 15 – 20 minutes for this check in.

Once you are settled on your stomach on the comfortable massage bed, the Prostate massage session will begin with a hot moist towel to the buttocks, then the warmed oil will be massaged into your muscles on the lower back and buttocks.  Care will be taken to activate the lymph nodes on the inguinals (inner thigh area) which are most important in releasing any toxins that have been held in this area.  The scrotum tissue will then be gently warmed and further softened to allow for a deeper release. Finally the muscles around the anal region will be softened to allow for a penetration of a gloved finger (usually thumb) to reach and massage the inner prostate tissue inside the anus.  Special attention will be paid to areas that are holding tension around the prostate, so that a gentle release of toxins can happen within the prostate, 

Some clients experience a deep pleasurable sensation that is orgasmic in nature.  Other’s may feel the need to urinate, or have heightened sensitivity.  Each person is unique in how they receive this massage. Personally, I have noticed that men get a lot of pleasure and a huge release of stress by having an expert Prostate Massage performed.

It is normal to get aroused during this session and that is ok.  However due to the therapeutic nature of the Prostate Massage, it does not include a full release or massage to the Lingam as in the following sessions, Full Body Massage or the Lingam Massage or the Mini-Surrender, which also include Prostate Massage. Therefore should it be a desire to receive for both a release and a prostate massage, I do suggest looking at the other options mentioned before.


What You Can Expect Every Time...

Duty of Care

It is my intention to keep you safe during your session, my safety and hygiene protocols are of the highest standard


Everything that you share with me is sacred and is held in the strictist confidence


Learn new ways to connect through breathwork, sound, movement and mindful touch

custom created

Each session is custom created to your specific needs


Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal with respect and non judgement


Your body will feel more balanced and grounded. Experience deep peace and relaxation in our private studio

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Love Letters From My Clients...
A little over three months ago I had my first visit with Pauline. I was very nervous and didn't really know what to expect. What I can tell you, is that Pauline's, loving , gentle and kind nature quickly put me at ease. My experience was the best I have ever had at the hands of a trained therapist. Healing hands indeed... I walked out of Pauline's studio feeling like a new man, both in body and soul. Pauline took my session to a whole new level when asked if I was wanting to have a healing and experience a release using the power of life force activation to bring through the manifestation of the dreams and desires for my life. It has been a full, life changing experience since this session with Pauline. My business opportunities have started flowing like a river I am more creative than I have ever been... the right people, things and finances have come through without resistance, and my family life has improved. I feel alive and rejuvenated so much more than I can say, but I rather you go and see Pauline and experience this for yourself at the healing miracle working hands of Pauline Cannon.
Phill - Te Aroha
reiki healing - men's massage
Hi Pauline, I woke up this morning and wondered, why I felt so great, I have had three good night's of sleep, I was pondering what had changed...and then I realized I've slept better after the appointment with you. (I normally get up seven times a night..) down to two, so thank you very much. See you next time
Mr M age 60
Mini Surrender with Prostate Massage

It is quite normal to feel vulnerable when receiving any kind of massage therapy. As a practitioner, I am acutely aware of the need to make my clients feel comfortable. I pride myself on having an easy going, non-judgmental manner that hopefully, puts people at ease quite quickly.  I am sure you will love the experience of freedom that bodywork brings about.

This will depend on the session chosen. Therapeutic and Sacred sessions are full clothed.  Certain full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or the  longer tantric sessions that require two way touch or skin on skin contact for deeper intimacy may require a naturist approach. However the options will be discussed with you before the session begins.

Full Service (sexual intercourse) is not a service that is included in our practice.  However we do believe that you may have a most enjoyable, liberating and fun time receiving the session that is created for you.

Mindful touch and total presence is encouraged during any full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or tantric session. However each person involved in the session (both client/s and therapist/s) will be encouraged to speak consciously about their personal needs/boundaries/fears/desires prior to the session commencing.

Hugs are great.  However, we understand that some people may have boundaries around touch.  So permission is always asked rather than assuming that a person would enjoy a hug.

Yoni is a sanskrit word for Vulva/Vagina/Pussy – according to tantric philosophy the Yoni is the source of all that exists and represent Shakti and Devi, the creative force that moves throughout the entire universe.

Lingam is a sanskrit word for Penis – loosely translated as the Wand of Light that channels creative energy and pleasure.

Full Body Massage also known as Loving Touch or Sacred Sensual Massage.  This is a sensual awakening session, in which the client is nude, and the entire body is massaged, including in men the penis and prostate and in women, the yoni and breasts. It is a complete massage with every body part included unless specifically requested otherwise.

A Stress Management Massage is a therapeutic bodywork experience that includes the whole body minus the genitals.  It does however include breasts and buttocks, as well as reflexology to face, feet and hands and unwinding of the belly.

The Mini-Surrender session is a shorter, entry level sensation building session that allows the client to dip their toes into BDSM whereas the Absolute Surrender Session is a deeper dive that includes role play and significant fetish and fantasy implementation.

No, Kissing is fluid exchange, and a high risk behaviour that could  spread STD’s. Therefore it is not encouraged. Unless of course you are attending a Couples Intimacy Session, then kissing is encouraged between people that share a fluid bond. 

If you are feeling like it is time to start feeling great again and reconnect with yourself, boost your self confidence as well as your immune system, de-stress and receive some beautiful loving bodywork, I encourage you to call me to book some time to nurture yourself, so that you too may start enjoying your life with bliss, love & anticipation. 


My Passion

Is to listen, support, guide, nurture and inspire men, women and couples to experience juicy optimal wellbeing through consciously created bodywork sessions, intimacy retreats and talk therapy
The Process To Get Started...

1. Get In Touch

Let's have a chat so we can discuss your needs and create a plan

2. Choose a Date

Let's synchronize our calendars, day/evening/weekend

3. Payment in Advance

Secure your booking with a deposit via Direct Debit, PayPal or Stripe

4. Turn Up & Enjoy

The excitement will be building...I look forward to meeting you soon

Connect With Me

Address: 327 Ngutumanga Road
RD3 Te Aroha - New Zealand

Mobile: +6421 025 12226
landline: 07 884-7014



See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.

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