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Reiki Healing Massage

 A transformative and rejuvenating hands on healing  massage for all beings. Join the dots between Body, Mind & Spirit

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Reiki Healing Massage

My Reiki Healing Massage joins the dots between Body, Mind & Spirit...

Over the years I have created a unique Reiki Healing Massage that is the foundation of my Holistic treatments.
I don't believe that using one therapy or modality in its original form serves the client in a holistic way, as we are made up of so many different parts ourselves.

Therefore my Reiki Healing Massage is a well curated and intuitive blend of modalities that I have studied over the years, and I believe that this combination is therapeutic, spiritual and healing and allows the body, mind and spirit to fully release that which has been holding itself in stagnation or fear. 

Reiki was my first…

While Reiki was one of the first “Sacred” modalities I was taught, and it has always been a huge part of who I am and what I offer…Reiki did however also lead me on the path to other extremely important healing modalities of which I do believe needed to be in my present day toolbox, and therefore benefit my practice and my clients. 

My other sacred modalities are…

These other sacred modalities are aromatherapy, taoism, ayurveda and tantra (which also embraces Life Force energy) just like Reiki. 

Ideally the main intention of a Reiki Healing massage is to create a deeper connection with your Sacred Self and the Divine, I am merely the facilitator of this journey.  


Ideally the main intention of a Reiki Healing massage is to create a deeper connection with your Sacred Self and the Divine, I am merely the facilitator of this journey.

Pauline Cannon - Reiki Practitioner/Therapist - Nurturing Massage

The Session...

My Reiki Healing Massage is hands on, unlike other Reiki sessions...

  •  Available to men and women bodies
  •  Session duration:  I allow up to 120 minutes (this includes talk time)
  • Reiki healing massages are a therapeutic full body massage including belly, buttocks and breasts (optional)
  • A customized Inspired Intentions – aromatherapy blend to balance body, mind, spirit
  • As we will be moving energy around the body, be prepared to breathe, move and release stagnation
  • You may find that you need to cry or release, please understand that you are safe and held
  • It is important to come with an open heart and an open mind.  Be ready for change and to step through the veil
  • Bring a journal, and something warm to wrap up in afterwards
  • Have a light meal before attending your session
  • When booking your session be mindful that you may need extra time to integrate afterwards
  • Should you feel that you have a lot going on.  Please give me a call to discuss whether the Reiki Healing Massage is the best session for your or whether you need a different treatment

Whether you are a religious person or see yourself as spiritual, it makes no difference, we have all at some point in our lives looked up at the sky or at nature and been in absolute awe, this is spiritual and sacred and awesome, and we get the feeling that we are just a small part of a bigger whole.... 

Pauline Cannon - Reiki Practitioner & Massage Therapist - Nurturing Massage

Reiki Healing Massage - is for you if you need...

repair your immune system

Receiving a Reiki Healing Massage is relaxing, but magic happens when you ask for assistance by a higher power... and the reconnection to your inner healer gets you back on track to your wellbeing so you can start the repair work

release tension in any part of your body

learn ways of connecting mindfully and from an open heart space. A Reiki Healing Massage can be an intuitive inquiry into why the body is holding tension, are you running on adrenalin, not breathing deep enough? We check in with all these things to get you back on track

spiritual awakening and reconnection

Receiving a Reiki Healing Massage can be quite a reconnecting experience. Between your higher self and to the Divine. Find your purpose

need energetic touch

We do all thrive on receiving touch.But a Reiki Healing Massage is something a lot different. Reiki moves life force energy around the body. Renewing cells, recalibrating DNA and clearing debris. It can be seen as a spiritual detox

to improve communication

Communication is a super important key ingredient in having truly loving, honest and authentic relationships, yet we are so afraid to speak our truth to the ones that we love. The energy shifts that happen during a Reiki Healing Massage encourage you to find your voice again

to prepare for a sports event or a life event

Joining the dots between mind, body, Spirit....Warming up the body, repairing the tissues and connecting with your goals are all part of the process in preparation for you achieving

to learn how to manage stress effectively

Our Reiki Healing Massage is deeply nurturing, drawing on the holistic modalities of breathwork, unwinding of the belly, and plant spirit medicine (aromatherapy). Will ensure that you can work from a place of empowerment and invincible immunity

recovering from an injury or an illness

The organic free flow nature of our sessions, supports total health and wellbeing. Listening in carefully to your bodies specific needs to fully support you

What's involved in a Reiki Healing Massage?


Firstly, we start with a heart to heart chat about what has been happening in your world. including any medical conditions, injuries or allergies that I need to know about. This is an opportunity to have an honest chat about your lifestyle, relationship issues, traumas or stress triggers, that you may currently be experiencing. I will also ask you which preferences you have for touch, and if there are any areas on your body that you feel need more attention, ie. back or feet etc

Then while you get ready to receive your Reiki Healing Massage, I  create an immune boosting, aromatherapy remedy to be used in your treatment.


Once you are settled on the comfortable massage bed, the warmed oil is then lovingly massaged into your muscles, and all over your body, special attention will be paid to areas that are holding tension. These Sacred sessions are intuitively created with Love and guidance from Spirit.  The space that I hold for you is sacred, the loving touch I share with you is mindful, empathetic and non-judgmental.

These beautiful, uplifting nurturing sessions are not choreographed and whatever happens within these sessions flows as it is meant to for your highest good. 

The Reiki Healing Massage is similar to the Sacred Relaxation Massage but with a much deeper spiritual aspect.
The modalities that I share with you during your Sacred session are derived from all of my training thus far on my own journey into Healing Touch.
Therefore, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, Reiki, Holy Spirit Massage, Chakra Clearing and Crystal Massage are all building blocks that are available for us to utilize for your reconnection to self and Source.


During this session as with all my sessions, you will be guided step by step to breathe and release any energetic stresses in your body. The Reiki Healing Massage, includes breathwork and Unwinding of the Belly to allow the body to start detoxing and release tension and stagnancy in the bowel. 

The Reiki Healing Massage is a hands on, intuitive and energetic enquiry, most importantly I will be moving around your body, connecting in with my own senses while listening in and checking in with your energy centres and  the signals of your body. Trusting in the flow of information and energy…


These beautiful, uplifting nurturing sessions are not choreographed and whatever happens within these sessions, flows as it is meant to, for your highest good.

Pauline Cannon
What You Can Expect Every Time...

Duty of Care

It is my intention to keep you safe during your session, my safety and hygiene protocols are of the highest standard


Everything that you share with me is sacred and is held in the strictist confidence


Learn new ways to connect through breathwork, sound, movement and mindful touch

custom created

Each session is custom created to your specific needs


Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal with respect and non judgement


Your body will feel more balanced and grounded. Experience deep peace and relaxation in our private studio

A Review

A little over three months ago I had my first visit with Pauline. I was very nervous and didn"t really know what to expect. What I can tell you, is that Pauline's, loving , gentle and kind nature quickly put me at ease. My experience was the best I have ever had at the hands of a trained therapist. Healing hands indeed... I walked out of Pauline's studio feeling like a new man, both in body and soul. Pauline took my session to a whole new level when asked if I was wanting to have a healing and experience a release using the power of life force activation to bring through the manifestation of the dreams and desires for my life. It has been a full, life changing experience since this session with Pauline. For those of you, who think that all this sounds a bit "airy fairy", I am here to tell you, that I am living proof of those manifestations, which have happened to me since meeting this amazing heavenly creative, passionate person with healing hands. My business opportunities have started flowing like a river I am more creative than I have ever been... the right people, things and finances have come through without resistance, and my family life has improved. I feel alive and rejuvenated so much more than I can say, but I rather you go and see Pauline and experience this for yourself at the healing miracle working hands of Pauline Cannon. XX Love and Light people be kind to one another
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Reiki Healing Massage & Manifesting with Archetype Exploration
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It is quite normal to feel vulnerable when receiving any kind of massage therapy. As a practitioner, I am acutely aware of the need to make my clients feel comfortable. I pride myself on having an easy going, non-judgmental manner that hopefully, puts people at ease quite quickly.  I am sure you will love the experience of freedom that bodywork brings about.

This will depend on the session chosen. Therapeutic and Sacred sessions are full clothed.  Certain full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or the  longer tantric sessions that require two way touch or skin on skin contact for deeper intimacy may require a naturist approach. However the options will be discussed with you before the session begins.

Full Service (sexual intercourse) is not a service that is included in our practice.  However we do believe that you may have a most enjoyable, liberating and fun time receiving the session that is created for you.

Mindful touch and total presence is encouraged during any full body massage/loving touch/mini-surrender or tantric session. However each person involved in the session (both client/s and therapist/s) will be encouraged to speak consciously about their personal needs/boundaries/fears/desires prior to the session commencing.

Hugs are great.  However, we understand that some people may have boundaries around touch.  So permission is always asked rather than assuming that a person would enjoy a hug.

Yoni is a sanskrit word for Vulva/Vagina/Pussy – according to tantric philosophy the Yoni is the source of all that exists and represent Shakti and Devi, the creative force that moves throughout the entire universe.

Lingam is a sanskrit word for Penis – loosely translated as the Wand of Light that channels creative energy and pleasure.

Full Body Massage also known as Loving Touch or Sacred Sensual Massage.  This is a sensual awakening session, in which the client is nude, and the entire body is massaged, including in men the penis and prostate and in women, the yoni and breasts. It is a complete massage with every body part included unless specifically requested otherwise.

A Stress Management Massage is a therapeutic bodywork experience that includes the whole body minus the genitals.  It does however include breasts and buttocks, as well as reflexology to face, feet and hands and unwinding of the belly.

The Mini-Surrender session is a shorter, entry level sensation building session that allows the client to dip their toes into BDSM whereas the Absolute Surrender Session is a deeper dive that includes role play and significant fetish and fantasy implementation.

No, Kissing is fluid exchange, and a high risk behaviour that could  spread STD’s. Therefore it is not encouraged. Unless of course you are attending a Couples Intimacy Session, then kissing is encouraged between people that share a fluid bond. 

If you are feeling like it is time to start feeling great again and reconnect with yourself, boost your self confidence as well as your immune system, de-stress and receive some beautiful loving bodywork, I encourage you to call me to book some time to nurture yourself, so that you too may start enjoying your life with bliss, love & anticipation. 


My Passion

Is to listen, support, guide, nurture and inspire men, women and couples to experience juicy optimal wellbeing through consciously created bodywork sessions, intimacy retreats and talk therapy
The Process To Get Started...

1. Get In Touch

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2. Choose a Date

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3. Payment in Advance

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4. Turn Up & Enjoy

The excitement will be building...I look forward to meeting you soon

Connect With Me

Address: 327 Ngutumanga Road
RD3 Te Aroha - New Zealand

Mobile: +6421 025 12226
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Email: pauline@nurturingmassage.co.nz


See you soon, Pauline xx

Please know... Everything you share with me is kept strictly confidential.