Sacred Rest & Recovery

Feeling overwhelmed by life? Your body, mind, spirit may be lacking in rest. Sacred Rest & Recovery  gives you the opportunity to rest intentionally…

This session has been created to help you restore your rest deficits so you may live fully and love boldly.  Why? Because you have a purpose and the world needs you and your unique gifts.

Available as a day session or as a Sacred Rest & Recovery Retreat

What are the signs of Rest Deficit?

Perhaps, it's Sacred Rest & Recovery that you Need...

Rest is always a good decision for a tired body and a weakened spirit...

Have you ever felt so drained of life force and enthusiasm but you don’t understand why…?    

Looking in from the outside, you have a great life, a successful career, a partner that cares for you and your health is good…

But, your’e still overwhelmingly tired and unenthusiastic. You cannot remember when last you experienced true joy.  And, you really can’t be bothered doing the same old rinse and repeat routine day in and day out.

Does this resonate with you? Surely this isn’t all there is, is there?


When words become your weapon, practice silence…

Rest & Recovery Reminds you to be Gentle...

Rest is your Soul's Love Language

Yes, there is more! But we have been falsely led to believe the lies and faulty belief systems that if we spend the best of our energy pursuing power, pleasure, wealth, significance, happiness, acceptance, praise or positions.  We will find the joy, security, peace and satisfaction at the other end of the rainbow.

These lies give us faulty expectations. It affects our health and it destabilizes our relationships.

Sacred Rest and Recovery dares you to replace lies with Truth.


Rest quiets life, so you can listen with your Spirit. Rest dares you to replace lies with Truth

Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith

How can Sacred Rest & Recovery make a difference to your health?

There is an easier way

Sacred Rest & Recovery empowers you to stop forcing, fighting, striving, competing.

When your life is overwhelmed by stress and never ending activity, you cannot process all of the incoming information around you. Hence the reason we shut down, have emotional outbursts, start feeling anxious or have panic attacks.

According to Dr Dalton-Smith, the danger causing most of our anxieties is from the debris of our hurry up lives… doing nothing during times of debilitating anxiety will allow peace to sweep through.  Each wave clearing out some of the clutter.

Why exhaust yourself by running from the dangers you can defeat with rest and loving care?

If you feel drained in more than 3 types of the 7 types of rest, you are experiencing burnout.

Fatigue in the mind, body or spirit affects every other area of your life.  The best next step is not trying to fix yourself by adding more activities to your already packed schedule.

The next best step is rest and lots of it.

By slowing down and attentively listening to the subtle information the body offers, we will gain access to the state of balance or imbalance that is occurring within.

Therefore by allowing, silence and cessation, you will be granted the gift of permission, the gift of choice, the gift of productivity, the gift of communication, the gift of grace and the gift of inspiration.  

Sacred Rest & Recovery  will create an empowering remedy uniquely for you that will allow your purpose to reveal itself.

There really is no purpose in pushing yourself so hard that you don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labours or your family life gets destabilized.

It is time to stop and just be.  The world will carry on. Put down the tools, turn off the tech and start savouring the little things again.


Slow down the pace of your life until you gain the energy to press on. In the waiting and ceasing, your strength will be renewed.

Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith

There are 7 Types of Sacred Rest...

Physical, Social, Creative, Sensory, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental

Dr Dalton-Smith author of Sacred Rest tells us, that if you are feeling drained in more than 3 types of the 7 types of rest, then you are experiencing burnout.

I concur when she tells us that rest is a heart choice: Life or death… you can choose to stay bound by your daily planner and calendar, or you can declare freedom from the bondage of your hectic schedule.

Recently, I was made keenly aware that I had a rest deficit of my own  after I was brought to my knees (read my blog)… Doing too much, giving of myself too much and constantly aware of my own mortality… and I believe that if I hadn’t  listened to my bodies call for rest, then I wouldn’t be here offering Sacred Rest & Recovery to you.

Why Sacred Rest & Recovery not just Rest & Recovery?

Whenever I create a new offering there is good reason for it. I’m always cooking something up, but I don’t launch until I am really sure that I’m bringing it through right.  So, as I was on my knees, completely drained, I knew that I needed more than just rest, I needed Sacred Rest,  I felt as if I needed a miracle.  Sometimes when you quieten down and stop everything, that’s when the inspiration comes through…

That is how it was decided to prefix the word  “Sacred”  onto my latest Rest & Recovery creation.  You see, I am quite spiritual, and If I am honest with myself, there are more times than not, that I pray for strength, I pray for my clients, my children, the planet and for higher help.  There is no denying the power of prayer just as there is no denying the restorative power of Rest.


A focused inner enquiry into your Body, Mind, Spirit happens when you give yourself permission to stop...

During this focused session, time will be spent  tuning into your body to find out its individual constitution/prakruti and needs. So you may be fully supported to create balance by eating the foods right for you and doing the right kind of movement practices that suit you, and only you.

A holistic synergy of bodywork modalities are available to draw from such as Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Reiki Energy healing or, metaphysical and theological philosophies and sciences such as Astrology, Sacred Archetypes, Rituals and movement practices such as Abhyanga, Sensual Qiqong, Kundalini Yoga, Dance and Breathwork can also be explored.

This inner enquiry will allow us to cater to and fulfill the  unique needs of the body in order to decontaminate and defuse the mind, allowing for renewal and thereby supporting your unique path of lifelong recovery.


Whether for prevention, healing or rejuvenation, all of the rest and recovery sessions are individually tailored for maximum benefit, according to a person’s prakruti or individual constitution.

Pauline Cannon

Sacred Rest & Recovery is intended to support the wellbeing of dreamers, gamechangers and forward thinkers that wish to facilitate change in the world, their community and their families...


To begin your journey we will have an openhearted  conversation about your specific needs, and where you are at currently on your life journey.  We will discuss any dreams or goals that you have and the practices that you have in place currently to support you or whether you need help installing a new practice or ritual to move you forward. 

Belief systems, fears or traumas, injuries or health issues showing themselves to you, may be a key indicator to be focused in on. 

A dosha evaluation may be beneficial at the onset to ascertain your specific dosha/constitution. As your digestion plays a powerful role in your energy levels. This will also help me gather any further information that we can use to get you back on track with your health and wellbeing.


Sacred Rest & Recovery is all about rewiring, reviving, rejuvenation, relaxation and reconnection of you...

Fatigue in the body, mind and spirit affects every other area of your life.

SRR is an opportunity to quieten the noise, detach from technology and defuse and declutter the brains busyness so you can regenerate.

Before we begin your massage. I will also ask you which preferences you have for touch, and if there are any areas on your body that you feel need more loving care.

Then while you get ready to receive your Sacred Rest & Recovery Massage, I  will create an immune boosting,  ayurvedic/aromatherapy remedy to be used in your treatment.

Once you are settled on the comfortable massage bed, and the oil is ready and warmed, your sacred rest can begin.


Sacred Rest & Recovery helps you to get the rest, peace and inspiration that the spirit needs to create. Discover the reconnective healing synergy of touch, bodywork, movement and nature's remedies.

Pauline Cannon - Holistic Therapist

Identify the Key Signs that you are experiencing Rest Deficits...

You lack energy to do physical tasks. You feel tired but have difficulty falling asleep. Your immune system is weak and experience frequent colds and illnesses, muscle pain. You reach for sugar or caffeine for energy.

Keeping up mentally with to-do list impossible.  You experience irritation or frustration when thinking about your day. You avoid activities in case you make an error.  Mental fog during the day. You sweat the small stuff.

Focus on failures and flaws. Experience self-doubt and insecurity. Beat yourself up for the slightest errors. You feel depressed or angry when you think about your life. You exhibit excessive worrying or display feelings of anxiety.

Feel decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. You feel helpless, hopeless, trapped or defeated. You feel like life is a total waste of energy and have no motivation. You feel distant from God. Experience suicidal thoughts and depression.  You feel numb and apathetic.

You feel alone in the world, detached from friends and family. You are attracted to people who mistreat you or are abusive toward you. You find maintaining friends or close relationships difficult. You isolate yourself and prefer online rather than face to face relationships.

Sensitive to loud sounds which create adverse reactions. Blurred vision, eye pressure or fatigue is experienced. Natural foods don’t have any flavour and you crave processed foods. Dislike being hugged or touched by others. You are desensitized to aromas other’s smell easily. You are unable to enjoy periodic sensory-rich experiences like concerts or fireworks.

Focusing on the needs of others is more of a priority than your own needs. You don’t believe you deserve to be cared for, so don’t practice self care. You feel doing something for yourself is selfish. Self sabotage is a regular occurrence as you don’t believe you deserve happiness. You rarely feel your work is of value or that others appreciate your offerings. You find it difficult to enjoy nature.

Sacred Rest & Recovery - is for you if you need...

restore your sanity, release anxiety

Sacred Rest & Recovery encourages a non judgmental decluttering of the mind. Helps you to take control of your head space by pointing your head and heart in the same direction. Boundaries are put in place to help you reflect, recover and release issues that frustrate and create anxiety.

release tension in all parts of your body

Learn ways of connecting mindfully and from an open heart space. Sacred Rest & Recovery is an intuitive and focused inquiry into why the body is holding tension and disease. The body speaks when it is given the opportunity and the space to communicate.

renew your energy - all 7 types are catered to

The Gift of Cessation and unplugging, caters to all of the deficits of physical rest, sensory rest, mental rest, spiritual rest, emotional rest, social rest and creative rest. This allows a recharge of the body, mind and spirit to happen.

need restorative touch

We all thrive on receiving touch. These beautiful massages are curated specifically for you, so you may speak to me about the way you wish to be touched.

to improve communication

Sacred Rest and Recovery allows the mind to defuse and clear which improves communication. A key ingredient in having truly loving, honest and authentic relationships. We are so afraid to speak our truth to the ones that we love. The energy shifts that happen when you take time to Rest the way that your body needs will empower you to live fully and love boldy.

to prepare for a sports event or a life event

If you have a goal that you are trying to reach for. Let me help you create a pathway that can support you without experiencing burn out. Including a Rest and Recovery protocol into your lifestyle will help you achieve your goals safely and not compromise your health and wellbeing.

to learn how to manage stress effectively

We will cover supportive mindful practices and rituals such as Unwinding the Belly, Breathwork, Qiqong, Kundalini Yoga and Abhyanga massage with aromatherapy. An enquiry into your nutrition will be looked at to ensure that you are getting the right kind of nutrition to support your brain health.

recovering from an injury or an illness

The customized and focused nature of Sacred Rest & Recovery with the synergy of ancient healing modalities, supports total health and wellbeing and encourages a completely restorative recovery.

A Letter of Appreciation
* Sacred Rest & Recovery *

I have been seeing Pauline for quite some time now and she has always been totally in tune with everything I have needed. Particularly, as I have been unable to express my needs due to awkwardness and embarrassment. I booked my Sacred Rest and Recovery appointment four weeks after major surgery as I knew I would need my “me time” before heading back to the real world of work and some normality. A few days before my appointment I had read Pauline’s latest Blog about her own “slip” and it really resonated with me so decided to try completing the 7 types of rest questions from Dr Daulton-Smith. I really believed that as I was feeling somehow different, rested and in a good place I was going to score low in all types. My God I was so wrong in that, scoring high on three out of the seven types with the other four not trailing that far behind. According to the results I was definitely close to, if not at the point of burn out after a difficult time at work. Giving 110% of myself to others and also recovering from major surgery. Now this is where Pauline’s intuition comes into play as she was not even aware that I had completed this (until now as she reads this!), but within just a few minutes after I arrived her intuition kicked in and she tailored my session to introduce me to Sacred Rest and Recovery which at this time was spot on for exactly what I needed. It started with her head in one of her many resources reading up on my Dosha which we had explored once before a long time ago; I was surprised that she still remembered but it wasn’t long before she was sharing her knowledge on the best way forward for me to recover from the effects of my surgery. Pauline always checks in before every session as to where I am at, and this one was no different. She did however encourage me to trust her fully once I was on the table and I am so glad I did. She changed things up and having been “banned” by me all of this time from touching my face I finally granted her wish and gave her permission and she went to town using the blend of oil chosen specifically for me. Knowing my difficulties of my face being touched, Pauline took her time, constantly checking in on me and reminding me to breathe. Her touch was gentle, relaxing and reassuring. Throughout the session, Pauline tapped into her extensive knowledge of the different types of bodywork and massage; every part of me relaxing under her touch, my head clearing resulting in peace and quiet and feeling safe in her hands. After my session, I came home and slept so well; the first time in ages where I woke feeling refreshed and relaxed and in the best headspace ever. The crux of all of this is that Pauline is the most professional, caring and sensitive woman who regularly reviews what she provides, adapts to the individual needs and supports and empowers people to look deep into their bodies and start to heal and restore fully. I for one will definitely be wanting to explore this more and am looking forward to further Sacred Rest and Recovery sessions. .
Ms Shirley Temple
Sacred Rest & Recovery

Sacred Rest & Recovery

What You Can Expect Every Time...

Duty of Care

It is my intention to keep you safe during your session, my safety and hygiene protocols are of the highest standard


Everything that you share with me is sacred and is held in the strictist confidence


Learn new ways to connect through breathwork, sound, movement and mindful touch

custom created

Each session is custom created to your specific needs


Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal with respect and non judgement


Your body will feel more balanced and grounded. Experience deep peace and relaxation in our private studio

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My Passion

Is to listen, support, guide, nurture and inspire men, women and couples to experience juicy optimal wellbeing through consciously created bodywork sessions, intimacy retreats and talk therapy
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