Whats the big deal about Kundalini Awakening?

Have you ever wondered what awakening the Kundalini is? what exactly is ‘the Ecstatic Response‘  & ‘Streaming‘, that Tantrikas talk about, and why the big deal?

I will try to explain so it is easy for you.  Usually when someone comes into my practice feeling depressed, lethargic or in pain.  I can guarantee you that there is a block somewhere in their body system, and more than likely their sex life is not working at its optimum.  Hence the reason why I encourage Yoni Massage or Lingam Massage over Stress Massage, because it has a much stronger impact and immediacy than the latter. It would require several sessions of deep tissue massage to achieve the same effect.

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the Ecstatic Response….

The word ecstatic literally means “being called out of stasis”, Ecstasy comes from the Latin ex-stasis, meaning to stand outside oneself, as illustrated in the expression “I am simply besides myself with joy”. This implies that that we are being filled with an emotion or energy too powerful for the body to contain or for the rational mind to understand. Some vital life energy is overflowing, and we are transported to another realm in which the spirit soars beyond the ordinary boundaries of perception and consciousness.

According to Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, the best way to understand the Ecstatic Response is to compare it with genital orgasm – the body’s response when it reaches the peak of sexual arousal. There are two basic phases in genital orgasm. First you become sexually aroused or turned on. This is a deliberate process, often called foreplay, in which you become excited through a form of doing. Then before the moment of climax, there is a sudden switch as the arousal abruptly moves beyond your control.  Some inner dam bursts, releasing a flood of sensations that stream through the body for a period that lasts from twelve seconds to four minutes.

When bodily vibrations happen at a high amplitude, that is, when they are intensified through strong arousal or excitement, they produce joy, vitality and ecstasy in your being.


When all the various body parts (knees, pelvis, neck and head) are properly aligned and resonating with one another, streaming takes place in a continuous flow. If however there are muscular tensions the flow of energy will be interrupted at the tension point.

In the eastern philosophy of Kundalini Yoga, vital energy lies dormant at the base of the spine and is channeled upward through the body to the brain.

Lee Sanella, an American Dr asserts that it’s rise through the body has an interesting and positive side effect. It causes the central nervous system to throw off the stress.  As the energy rises through the body it encounters blocks in the form of armoured or tense muscles and tissues. Rather like an electrical current, the friction created by the resistance of the armouring to the rising energy produces heat, and this burns away the tension, cleaning and purifying the channels to allow a freer flow or streaming of energy.

As blocks dissolve, a subtle shift occurs and you sense that the streaming sensation becomes more deeply internalised, running through the body first from the feet to the head, and then back down to the feet.  If you can observe this streaming through the heart, navel and genitals, without interfering it develops into a sense of expansion, like an undercurrent, that takes you beyond the boundaries of the physical body.  This is the Ecstatic Response. It is an intense sensation of joy, a feeling of being cleansed and relaxed.

If you are interested in experiencing Ecstatic Response for yourself, please feel free to contact me and book some time to discover the limitless possibilities that I have created for men and women bodies. These are all available to you now.