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Welcome to my vIP Taster for Women

Have you always wanted to have a deeper more transcendent massage experience?

During this nurturing taster you will get to experience a delicious body awakening

Discover how I intuitively blend the modalities of Kundalini Activation, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Ayurveda & Unwinding of the Belly into a grounding beautiful experience so your entire being can feel pampered, balanced and supported...



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what other clients have had to say...

Thank you for checking in with me this morning. Coming to you was one of the few things I did without thinking too much. I have a tendency to overthink everything.  I came with little by way of expectations of what I was to receive, and although I knew it was a little bit more than a foot rub and was prepared for that.  What I really wanted was to let go and take whatever came.

The warm and inviting way your studio was set out and your whole manner set me at ease completely.  I started off a bit cautious but didn’t end that way.  I felt very cared for and safe, but at the same time empowered and exhilarated and for that I wanted to say “Thank You”,  you have a very special gift – Thanks for sharing with me.

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Mrs M - Auckland

Yoni Massage Age 37

There are very few practitioners that I have met who are capable of really tapping into my needs, wants, desires. With Pauline’s diverse array of skills and deep wisdom, I felt safe, seen and heard. The treatment I received was unique to me and I am grateful for the shift she helped me achieve. Wish she lived closer!!!

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Aditya Bella Moon

Aromatherapy/Reiki Massage

It took a year of looking at Pauline’s web page and large amounts of research before I bit the bullet to contact her to see if she was the person to help me with all my issues including self-hatred and low self-esteem, now I wish I had found my courage so much sooner.

A couple of e-mails and a phone call then saw me heading down the line, this nervous, self-conscious and awkward person walking into her studio was met

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by a strong vibrant woman who welcomed me with a big warm smile and relaxing me with a simple and gentle hug.  I was soon opening up to her as she took her time to learn about me offering words of wisdom as we went, explaining what to expect and letting me know that I was in total control over what would happen, she personalized and created an experience for me that was absolutely perfect and needed at the time and better still with no judgement.

I have had several sessions with Pauline now and each one is created with what I need at that moment; Pauline checks in at the start to see where I am at and what I need. I generally start each session very self-conscious and awkward but end totally blown out of my mind and relaxed to the point that I don’t want to get off the table but just stay wrapped up in a blanket in total “la-la land”. Her intuition is spot on every time; her touch is sensitive and firm and she is so aware what is needed and at what time.

Over the last few months I have learnt a little more about myself; yes I am still learning to “get out of my head and into my body” and giving myself permission to have “me time” rather than give myself to everyone else all of the time but the self-hatred and low self-esteem is slowly reducing and the urge to learn who is the real me is bubbling away.

Over our sessions Pauline has been teaching me the importance of discovering who I am as a person; not only what I like and don’t like; but most important what I need for me. She shares her knowledge and has taught me that there is not only a whole new world out there to explore but deep inside me there is a nice person wanting to get out and show herself. She even sets homework; for me this is the one homework that when set  I will do as without it I won’t make those changes and won’t discover who I am. I’m  enjoying being in touch with what is going on outside and not being stuck in my head all of the time, the feeling of the fresh outdoor air and the sand between my toes at the start and the end of a long work day is so refreshing.

​Please note that Pauline is also a woman who has managed to change this coffee freak of twenty plus years into a herbal tea freak much to the amazement and amusement of my work colleagues!!

Pauline is an amazing beautiful genuine woman who is passionate and focused in all she does; she has so much knowledge I can’t wait to find out what else she can teach me. If you are reading this and wondering should you make contact, DO IT, don’t waste months thinking about it like I did…

Ms Shirley Temple

Yoni Healing (a range of evolving sessions)

Hell yeah, Sign me up!

Becoming an Exclusive Womens VIP member, has many benefits to enhancing your immune system and strengthening your body.
Don't miss this opportunity to find out what your Sacred Feminine has been asking for...

There are no Excuses to not live a juicy life

A Review

The way Pauline brings her modalities together to intuitively support her clients is truly magical and gifted beyond anything of this world. I came to visit Pauline after a friend recommended me to her. I had been going around feeling unenthusiastic about life in general. I felt that I had no purpose for being here. Pauline showed me how to listen in to my bodies needs and connect back in with my soul's purpose. She showed me how to implement easy rituals into my life. She also gave me the confidence put myself first and communicate my needs to others with honesty and authenticity.
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Reiki Healing with modalities

do you wish to connect in with your intuition and higher self?

This powerful Taster - is for you if you need to explore how the complementary modalities of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Hot Stones, Tantra & Reiki can support you.
Build confidence, improve connection with Spirit and receive some well deserved mindful bodywork...

Nourish, Nurture and Replenish

A taste of My 3 step Process

Step 1 - communication

  • On arriving to your session, we will have the opportunity to talk about where you are at in lifestyle goals.
  • We will check in on what your specific needs are reqarding touch and which therapies you have tried before.
  • Please understand that this is a “taster session” which means in order for us to have an unrushed, enjoyable session. If there are any specific topics that you wish to talk about in depth, it will cut into your massage time. I have allowed 30 minutes to talk about needs and desires. Please feel free to email me or phone me to discuss any further issues that you think, either of you may have prior to the session being held. (48 hours prior is preferable at a minimum)

Step 2 - exploration

  • It is my intention that you get to experience a range of modalities so that your future bodywork decisions can come from a place of knowing.
  • With your permission, we shall explore the modalities of energetic bodywork, Tantra, Reiki Healing Massage, Hot Stone Massage & Aromatherapy,  as well as Unwinding of the Belly.
  • After your session your will have a very good idea of which modality is your favourite and which supports your body, mind and spirit best.

Step 3 - Inspiration

  • The Women’s Taster, will give you some valuable  tools to integrate, such as tantric breathwork, unwinding of the belly and how to add aromatherapy into your life to release stress on a day to day basis.
  • You will be a lot more confident to communicate your needs to others and to listen firstly to your own needs.
  • It is quite normal to be detoxing after a nurturing womens session, so your body will start feeling lighter and more energized.  The flow on effect of connecting in with your body will have a transformational flow-on effect to other parts of your life.

Do you need a profoundly safe space to share, explore, and repair?

Why this is such a great opportunity...
This beautiful VIP offer, will give you the tools to release stress, build your immune system, detox your body and tap into pleasure on a daily basis...

It isn’t often that I offer discounted Womens Sessions, but I wanted to make sure that no woman gets left behind… or have an excuse to just settle, for a shitty sex life due to cost, fear, inhibitions, family belief systems, trauma or an incompetent lover etc,   Beauticians and therapeutic bodywork therapists do a great job on the surface, but there are times when your  Feminine Spirit needs a deeper dive!  When we use our kundalini or life force energy to communicate through the body, it speaks authentically. and it empowers and releases all that has created stagnation.  In its place is freedom, spaciousness and a sense of peace.  

This is a juicy fact finding mission, on working out what your body needs in a safe and supportive space. 

I am passionate about helping people create deeper connections, and I believe the world would be a better place if there were more happy connected people in it. The flow on effects of my holistic sessions are empowering and peace promoting.  When your soul is happy, then so are you. Everything begins and ends with you.  So are you ready to dive in? 

In this Super Special womens vip taster you will get...

  • A Full Body ‘Loving Touch’ Massage duration 45 mins plus 30 min pre session chat
  • A profoundly safe space to drop in and explore your bodies needs with conscious presence and non judgement
  • Explore the modalities of Tantra, Aromatherapy, Unwinding of the Belly, Hot Stone Massage & Reiki Healing Massage. 
  • Learn how to include ritual into your life to support your spirit
  • We will touch on sacred sexuality and how keeping your kundalini healthy empowers your soul and strengthens your immune system

Womens VIP Taster

75 minute Midweek Womens Massage Taster
$ 147

Are you Ready to tap into your power, pleasure and purpose?

The stars are aligning, the candles are being lit, the space is warm and inviting, & all I need is for you to say " Yes Please" !!